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Thread: Quiz: What Warship are YOU?

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    Quiz: What Warship are YOU?

    As armchair commanders from around the world prepare to set sail and fire torpedoes in Naval War: Arctic Circle, the master tacticians and designers at Turbo Tape Games and Paradox Interactive have established a new home base for the upcoming wargame. Naval War: Arctic Circle is a realistic real time strategy game about modern naval warfare, and all the information you need to stay up-to-date on the game's status and continuing improvements can now be found at:

    As the game’s April 10th release date approaches, Paradox and Turbo Tape want to know: What warship are you?
    Take the Naval War: Arctic Circle – What Warship are YOU? Quiz and find out what role suits your personality in the fleet engagements of life!

    It takes a hearty soul to brave the cold and the dark of the north, waiting for something to happen and then dreading the moment comes...Are you able to take one these missions by yourself or are you the type that travels best in a pack?
    Are you a mighty aircraft carrier, queen of the ocean and mistress of a seascape that spans hundreds of miles?
    Are you a submarine, silently and slowly moving into position so you can strike while surrounded by enemies?
    Are you a frigate, the workhorse of the fleet guarding more valuable vessels and exposing yourself to the first missile strikes?

    Naval War: Arctic Circle comes to you from Paradox Interactive and Turbo Tape Games on April 10, 2012 for a recommended retail price of $19.99.
    Do you think you have what it takes to seize control of the riches of the North Atlantic? Are you brave enough to risk everything to change the world's balance of power in your favor?

    View all Naval War: Arctic Circle trailers here:

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/NavalWarArcticCircle
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/NavalWar
    Forum: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/...-Arctic-Circle
    Webpage: http://www.navalwargame.com/
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    YOU ARE... probably not a ship. Are you sure you're a ship? Our warship database has doubts.

Sorry if that’s not the result you were hoping for. It’s possible to lead a full and healthy life without being a warship, you know. Sure, you’ll never feel the thrum of an honest-to-betsy nuclear reactor inside of you. You’ll never let slip two dozen anti-missile missiles, spending millions of dollars in a heartbeat-long burst of smoke and electricity.

But maybe that’s OK. Maybe you can be a shop assistant or something.

(If I were you, though, I’d take this test again.)
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    YOU ARE... a Finnish Hamina class missile boat. You’re sleek, stylish and more than a little sneaky. Boasting the latest in surveillance technology, you can shoot planes out of the sky from 100 kilometers away, use your snazzy water jet propulsion to scoot around in shallow waters and even disappear from radar, thanks to your stealth design. Unfortunately, this means people tend to overlook you, but you’re fine with this, considering your small heat and radar signatures an asset. Unlike bigger, bulkier vessels, it takes just 26 Finnish sailors to keep you running. What’s that like, having all that crew scurrying around inside you? Is it distracting? Itchy? Of course, being a Hamina class, we’re sure you’re discreet with your answers.
    dispatch... the planes

    Nice one!

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    YOU ARE... a Russian Akula class submarine. Your friends tell you you’re deep, sinister, difficult to fathom and absolutely deadly when crossed. They also worry about the enormous amount of radioactive material you carry with you, whether contained within the atomic warheads you secret about your person, or as fuel for the nuclear reactor that burns within your belly. You probably don’t socialise too much, comfortable as you are to sit, all alone, five hundred meters below the surface, often for months at a time. That’s just fine by you, though. You get a lot of thinking done. Much of it about which city you’re going to level next.
    Wow, im more of a danger to myself than anyone else
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    Guess what. Dispatch the planes.
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    Good quiz the result made me laugh, i'll just say three words.. DISPATCH THE PLANES!!!!

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    Apparently I'm a Peal Trident, what I lack in offensive naval or aeronautical capabilities, I make up for in low carbon emissions and the ability to navigate Television Centre with ease.

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    This was my result - some sort of little car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IronRobb View Post
    USS Nimitz here. I hope not to come back myself to December 1941 as in "The Final Countdown" movie!
    Loved that film!
    "The best thing about the British is our ability to laugh at ourselves. By ourselves, I mean other people and by laugh, I mean invade."

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