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Thread: Littel news from the patch 1.8 front

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    Littel news from the patch 1.8 front

    I have spoken with Lennartos about the patch 1.8 it is manpower issue when it comes to programers.
    I have been a beta tester and recruited to team, but I arevied very late in the development of AOD, and I am not a programer of any deceive caliber.

    1.8 will come, but the problem is that we could very well need one more software programer.
    That would not only speed up the development proses, but also let use of few more minor features like those in my signature.
    I will during this week reorganize some of the files in the 1.8 patch proto/beta folder some are wrongly placed. It comes to no surprise that 1.8 will be the last update.

    If you are relatively good software programer and have time for it. Please contact me or Lennartos.


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    Quote Originally Posted by elbasto View Post
    Good luck! I am sure that these forums have a nice amount of the kind of professionals that you need.
    I don't know whether BL-Logic has become a high growth company, has a problem with its employee loyalty/turnover, or isn't able to hire a single new coder in a first place, but they have been searching for programmers for a quite some time now:

    02-11-2010 Lennart
    Open Spot in Dev Team
    If you are a C++ programmer with at least one year experience, then contact us at LB(at)BL-Logic.dk
    An inability to find new programmers must be yet another fruit of developers not bothering to encourage activeness of the community in any way. As the "AoD is dead" attitude seems to be rather common these days, finding someone with passion might be even more difficult.
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    Yes indeed - it is hard to delve into a project that is at the "end of it's life span". I suppose Lennartos hasn't got much time to work on 1.8 so this has to be another reason. I really hope devs find someone who can rock with the code.

    With CORE 0.60 in the pipe I would be much grateful 1.8 comes out officially.
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    Well i send leonarthos a mail about the post just a while a go. Lets see what turns up and what kinda conditions ill be working on, if ill be working on it. But if i do get get full access there's plenty of spark in me for making patches at lest for the moment but might take a while to familarice whit the code. And i have no clue what kinda code whud be waiting for me some code is well written and easy to fix, some is made of bubblegum and hard to understand let alone fix .

    And yes its a patches plural, as i have a few ideas on how to improve in my mind the AoD experience but as they are just my oppinions i whont say them out loud at this moment as they whud be some heavy changes in the tech develpment and some of witch might need paradox aproval as method of use is best done atm by paradox but there are alternative methods that dont need paradox aproval.

    .....Guess i did in a way explane it a bit but no mather eaven if its someone else that gets taken in i might be able to fully develp the idea and pass it on.

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    Nice to hear there are still dedicated people who are willing to improve AoD - good luck!
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    this does seem like the ultimate version of the hoi series... i never really gave hoi 3 much of a look because of the bad reports on that game...
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    Hoi3 has some good ideas but it has bigger faults well meyby paradox will fix it some day, or make hoi IV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zsumi View Post
    Hoi3 has some good ideas but it has bigger faults well meyby paradox will fix it some day, or make hoi IV.
    More likely HOI IV, thought I think that is still some way off.

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