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Thread: Not enough power to crash Sulla. "Stand Alone".

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    Not enough power to crash Sulla. "Stand Alone".

    Hi dear readers,

    I did a pretty good job to buildup enough armypower to beat Sulla with "Stand Alone". There is no way to let surrender Sulla. He is to strong. Whet can I do to solve this? Play the game again? I don't wanna use cheats.'

    Is there a possibillyti to use the army of King Arthur instead the army of Morgan Fay?

    Thanks for a answer!

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    Please check in the Objective tree if all three of these objectives are marked completed:

    The Siege of Eboracum
    The Immortals
    The Tomb of the Emperor

    If all three are completed, you should be able to defeat Sulla.
    If you have furter problems, please send your current save to support@kingarthurthewargame.com, so we can check it.

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