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Thread: Bugs I Noticed

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    Bugs I Noticed

    The bugs i have noticed are down below:

    1. The positions for some of the province names are out of place (in different provinces, swapped around etc.) in Ta'Iz, Dulkadir, Al-Ruha and Urfa.

    2. In the decision list there is decisions for "is_subject_title" "NOT_title" "owner_title" "effect_title" and "allow_title" (it was as the Roman Empire).

    3. When you go to the culture screen, there is a line of vanilla portraits that goes off screen.

    4. The final bug is "relinquish_power_to_nobles_title".

    Other than those though bugs, thanks for the mod.

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    I've also noticed that Germany and Russia form almost immediately from OPM. I don't understand it.

    Also the conquest of pommerania mission for brandenburg no longer grants free cores. Not sure if bug or WAD.

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    It's better to report bugs here:

    One thread is better than a bunch of small threads.

    Also, the first one was already reported. Search before you post.

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    1. Thanks

    2. Corrected

    3. Corrected

    4. I'll check it

    5. OPM forming nations should now be corrected, but i am in the process of testing the solution

    6. In MEIOU, missions don't give core (are close to it). Usually reward is rather prestige

    7. Indeed, the report thread is easier, as i'm trying to list the bugs and showing which have been corrected already.
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