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Thread: Three Kings mission

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    Three Kings mission

    Okay so I destroy the first temple and the king comes out and walks into my temple and my game is over. How do you kill this king? My towers are all upgraded, which ones work the best for him? I sent waves of dwarves and it doesn't slow the king down. Suggestions, please!

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    Since the all three kings are tanks, you should use the crystal tower against them. I seriously had a hard time with this level, even more than the final one. When I played through with limited resources I kinda knew how to do it, so I only had to retry like 3 times. What I do is this:

    I try and kill the first king as fast as possible, because if all three kings send out waves of enemies, then you will have a really hard time. Once the first king is dead (usually works sending rouges and those swarmer soldiers) - I build a maze out of crystal towers (only these towers) so that the king has to walk a really long path to get to my base and encounter a lot of towers, I wish I had a screenshot to show you but I don't. Just try and build a big maze with as many crystal towers as possible. Once you manage to kill the first king, then the other two should be fairly easy, just keep upgrading and build a bigger maze as you go on.

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