View Poll Results: Best completed AGEOD AAR in 2011

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  • Getting to know AGEOD ... ROP AAR by a beginner

    1 3.03%
  • Learning from Prussia: A Rise of Prussia AAR against a real player

    14 42.42%
  • Remember the Maine! An 1998 tutorial AAR

    1 3.03%
  • The Resurgance: Second War of Italian Unification

    0 0%
  • The White, Blue and Green version

    3 9.09%
  • Wars in America: A how to AAR

    14 42.42%
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Thread: The 2011 Aarthena Awards

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    Thank you everyone who voted for me - that is most of you since I competed twice .

    More than "good", I believe my Rise of Prussia AAR, by virtue of being the first, launched the AGEOD AAR section of the Paradox forum. Moreover, it also launched player into this beast.

    I can say it now, I learned the rules of the game as I was doing the AAR, researching my "beginners corner" as I went along, except for the most obvious. Thus, there are still an handful of mistakes in some - but well, better than have nothing.

    So thank you again, and next year it will be a more close thing
    Learning from Prussia - a Rise of Prussia AAR for beginners - or how a forced march in winter saved Prussia from anniliation.
    A Tale of French and War Crimes : A double Multiplayer AAR of Wars in America with Loki100. Includes violence against English and Indians - not suited for children.
    The War of 1812 - or how I burned down Washington

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    A Mexican stand-off next year? Why not, would be fun to watch!

    When I use this color I am speaking as a Moderator.

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