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Thread: Choosing between three evils...

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    Choosing between three evils...

    I managed to get a superking as ruler for the Iberian peninsula, everyone loves him and everything is great. His sons however is horrible, they are still young, but have negative traits such as legitimized bastard, clubfooted and hunchback.

    I was wondering which one of these traits give the least amount of grief in form of negative vassal opinion.

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    I want to say clubfooted only affects his martial attribute, but I can't check at the moment.

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    Go make another kid or go Elective?

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    I dont think any of them give negative opinion actually.
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    I think hunchback and possibly clubfooted give a small negative to the opposite sex (or homosexuals). NOTHING dramatic , very very manageable. And if its a male heir , women are rarely in important positions so it won't matter even in such a slight form.

    As for bastard , it just gives -1 to diplomacy. Ive had bastard sons with 20-25 diplomacy , -1 isn't going to mean anything. Overall those 3 sons are fine.

    Traits you want to avoid at all cost in an heir are Imbecil , inbred and Slow. Those 3 will do some harm.

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    As the others note.

    I would suggest two things. First, watch them carefully for the development of further traits. Second, push whomever has the highest stats, and find each wives that compensate for their lacks, and form decent alliances.

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    And I thought the choice was going to be Mephisto, Diablo, or Baal.......

    In my experience "Bastards" seem to get themselves assasinated a lot. So watch out for that.
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