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Thread: Majesty Gold HD info (including black screen issue)

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    Majesty Gold HD info (including black screen issue)

    Just to clear up a few question marks about Gold HD:

    Majesty Gold HD supports all DirectX version from 8.1 and up.
    It supports 64-bit machines.
    It does contain Northern Expansion, but it is just one executable now.
    When running in Windowed mode (-w), under Windows 7, you may see a message that the color scheme has changed. This is normal, Microsoft's DirectDraw API is not compatible with Windows Aero and it is automatically disabled by the operating system while a DirectDraw application is running.

    And for those of you who are having rendering troubles and has ATI cards, you can try this:

    Start up the ATI Catalyst Control Center.
    Open the Gaming tab.
    Click on 3D Application Settings.
    In the Catalyst A.I. Box, check Disable Catalyst A.I.
    Press Apply.

    Run the game and see if the graphics are now rendering correctly.

    You can save the Catalyst settings as an application specific option by pressing the Save button at the top of the 3D Application Settings, while << New Application >> is selected, then search for the MajestyHD.exe in the Steam install folder.

    Once it is saved, you can turn the Catalyst A.I. Back on, and press Apply, but do not press Save, you don't want to overwrite the MajestyHD application settings. Just to make sure, you should take a look at the Application Profiles section and double check that MajestyHD.exe still says the Catalyst A.I. Is disabled.

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    Thanks for the info, Hassat. Is this something that might be patchable in a future update?

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    Which? The DirectDraw or ATI problem?

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    The "black screen" problem is a problem with the a few video card drivers. Hopefully the video card manufacturers will fix their drivers at some point. In the meantime go here for the latest fixes and work arounds:

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