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Thread: New DLC: London or Rome?

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    New DLC: London or Rome?


    We're planning on making a new DLC for Cities in Motion and want your opinion!

    As you may remember from the Tokyo DLC, the engine only supports right side traffic. Would you rather have London with right side traffic or Rome with rightful right side traffic instead?

    Please let us know what you think!

    On behalf of the CIM development team,

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    LONDON!!! The BEGINNING of all things mass transit should be brought to Cities in Motion, to have anyone else seems rather insane. Elephant & Castle? Kings Cross? O the endless possibilities. We have every type of transport imaginable and I would play for many hours improving my local services. I cannot believe it took this long to even bring them up. London should be choosen for not only its historical role of being first at just about everything (Bakerloo line anyone?) but because the Olympics are coming up.

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    Brighton, England.
    London by 1.6 km.
    Nic o nas bez nas.
    The football season already?

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    Rome with rightful right side traffic. If creating a London DLC, traffic must be on the left hand side of the road.

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    I would like to see both, but London first for this pool

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    Is both possible?
    If not I vote for Rome ---> +1 rome

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    As a London resident it would be remiss of me to suggest anything else. Add to this the fact that London is home to the oldest and most expansive underground network in the world and you would be MAD not to go for it.

    Not that Rome isn't a lovely idea, I want to see this too, but still. LONDON. If you want a real Londoner's input, you've only to ask! Make sure the detail's right!

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    London. Yes, right side traffic is a disadvantage, but its not a deal breaker (Tokyo proved that). Just think of the opportunities: the London Olympics, Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the new Routemaster bus, the Emirates Air Line (Cable Car).

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    I'd like to see Rome.

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    I <3 Vanier mike-kt's Avatar
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    As a Canadian, I guess I have to vote for London because that's where our queen hangs out, but that left-side traffic thing is a little embarrassing...

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    To optimally use the timeline : London!

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    It is ridiculous that London wasn't in the game from the start, as stated by many, it has an expansive and heavily used public transport system.

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    Rome; right hand drive would be realistic

    If it's London, please make a giant map, slightly realistic numbers, put in large amounts of tube trains (More than the Livingstone Bulwark (35ts), Brighton Roller 72 (72ts) and the Galaxie Zoner (new tube train). For instance; the A60/62 and the 92/95/96ts would be a good start); more double decker buses, keep the trams (see South London) or replace them with viaduct trams DLR-style; no cable car political hell crap, include some sort of giant station with real actual Underground entrances. (Leslie Green style); [unlikely]or include the metro stations DLC[/unlikely], and please, try to see if you can rebuild the road objects with LHD pathing. and name the streets & areas. We don't like stations named 101, 102, 103 etc.

    Before I forget. Giant suburbia. Span it somewhere from Charing Cross to Stanmore/High Barnet/Harrow-on-the-Hill. although I think 2048*2048 maps are a bit giant. and have it grow.

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    Please make it both, + Paris, I wouldn't mind to wait a little longer.

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    If both are not available then LONDON please.

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    London for sure! The right-hand traffic is not an issue, there are already a great number of UK maps and they work fine

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    LONDON Please....

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    I'm going to say Rome because it will probably include One Way roads and the traffic will be on the right side, and CIM hasn't had a Mederterrainin climate so far...

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    Make new CiM, not new DLC.

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    It's got to be London! And having worked on the design of the cable car, I'd love to see that included too

    Alternative could be for the DLC to also include other British cities. Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow? Show Edinburgh how to build a tram system, recreate and expand the Clockwork Orange, recreate the Manchester Metrolink......

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