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Thread: Problem with UK entering the war

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    Problem with UK entering the war

    I was playing Darkest Hour for a few days now and its great. But every time I play the 1914 scenario, United Kingdom does not join the war... because Germany does not go into war with Belgium I suppose...

    And Switzerland joins the Entente every time...

    You should add the Ultimatum to Belgium event... and many others as I previously mentioned in the **Suggestion thread:** What would you like to see in a patch 1.3?

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    Sounds like the Germans are picking the Rupprecht plan. Try starting a new game, they should pick the Schlieffen plan most of the time.

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    Yes, they pick Schlieffen or extended Schlieffen 80% of the times IIRC. It's important to start a new game and not a savegame as the AI chooses the warplans at the beginning of the scenario.

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    Do the Brits not intervene under the Rupprecht plan? If so, I'll be doing that from now on.

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    To be honest, it makes for a bit of a dull game if the Germans don't go Schlieffen - it's a walkover if Britain doesn't join the war.

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