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    Cool Wish List

    Here is my wish list, i know very little of what is already in the game but i would like to leave what i would love to see in a game such as this.

    I know it is colonial era and there will be leather type armor and muskets and such, but i would still love to see a mixture of plate with leather (when i think about this type of armor and mixture i think about War Hammer's Witch Hunter which would be so sexy). And full plate armor with melee weaponry such as axes and swords and shields.
    Would love to see 1 handed flintlock pistols that can be duel wielded and wielded with a rapier or sword and shield same with crossbows, bows, and cross bows, muskets and blunderbusses.
    I would love to see Shipping with sail boats and maybe steam powered vessels and pirating.
    Weather effecting crops, plant life and animals. Such as Rain increases growth, snow decreases growth ect...
    Winter areas with winterish bests with think pelts. And Big furs to wear around, not some little dinky crap i mean big ol bear furs with the head on the back of the cloak.
    More spell castings then just Witches, maybe, priests or monks tribal shamanism(could learn shamanism from natives or just (Maybe the ability to heal the freshly slain?? (with some stat reduction or so)), wizardry, necromancy(having a horde of undead at your heeds feels enjoyable) ect...
    Werewolves and vampires! With a creature hunter like Van Helsing to hunt witches with scent, werewolves with silver bullets, and vampires with stakes!
    Players can become these creatures and they must also keep it hidden, maybe vampires have something to allow them run around in the day time?
    Alchemy with potions and transmutation and what not.
    I was to see warlords fighting it out, two villages in combat trying to gain the land of another's, and some peaceful trade colonies with ship trade routes or horse and buggy trade routes.

    Please feel free to bash my wish list and Add your own things and keep it going with idears! I could give a more detailed description of each idea if anyone would want to further spark the imagination.

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    The top 50% of your list is pretty much confirmed to some degree or another. All the armaments and weaponry are colonial like that and reminiscent of the era. That Conquistador-type armor you're describing is I think shown in one live demo, and we already know firearms is a skillset.

    The bottom 50%; you're dreamin' like a laudanum addict.

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    Think of the time period and the location, and that is what you have. There is supposed to be witchcraft, but I doubt there will be vampires or werewolves. There are swords, guns, and armor. I am pretty sure the time period is before steam.

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    Yes yes, some of my suggestions were unrealistic but these ones here are more thought out and more realistic so enjoy the ideas. (and way more detailed)

    Food poison:
    -I would love to sneak into my enemy's camp under cover of night, pick herbs and mix them together to form a poison which could be applied to an assassin's dagger OR applied to the enemy's food which is cooking/laying out on the table or where ever one mite find the food storage. Pick the lock on a storage unit and poison up the food then stealthfully escape detection.
    Then we kick back and wait to see who dies either in that village or a solo player. The poison could scale off of skills for chance to be detected or a scent be left behind.
    Depending on the rarity of the herbs mixed to poison (or quality) or large quantities of a weaker mixture will decide if the player is impaired(stat wise or some other form?) or killed or thrown into sickness which a mixture of herbs that is stronger than the poison could cure.
    -The poison could react in many different ways, quickness, strength, effectiveness.
    -The poison mite not even Kill, but stun/slow/ect from food poisons or weapon poisons/Arrow/darts

    -Tracking: I know there is going to be a Scent system for misdeeds from players but this would be different
    -You could track a wounded player through the forest when your tracking skills pick up on a blood trail.
    -You could track animal droppings/footprints/broken sticks whatever to an animal with a tracking skill.
    -Tracking skill could even be connected to Scents left from misdeeds.

    Witches, priests and shamans?? (different paths to follow) The paths conflict with each other so using more than one would not be effective.

    Religious: (none of these skills are frowned on)
    there could be different gods who will have different effects on people who choose to follow them. Raising a relationship with a god will reduce the relationship status with the others, practicing witchcraft will harm all relationship standers with Gods. You must pray to a god and gain levels with him/her for maybe they will show you mercy once and awhile when your in a tight bind. The higher the lvl the more/better your prays will be if the gods choose to accept them.
    -resource would be devotion, only being able to devote so much to a god at any given time, but the god's gifts will last hours or days.
    -Are you having trouble meeting ends meet? Food is on a tight budget? Well pray to your god and maybe he will reduce the effect of hunger reduction for a short time. Could also increase stamina and give random skill benefits for a short duration if your god is a generous one.
    -Your god will not help you if you call on the demons to curse your enemies, so choosing the religious path will be for those who wishes to cull the vile witches and warlocks or just the simple villain! Pray to your god and meditate on him will release you and apply shields from hexes and curses. These effects are amplified if you pray in a church.
    -Mental will, if curses are on you and are destroying your metal health then maybe you could meditate at a tranquil garden, or near incense to clear and clam your mind. With a clear mind compared to a fogged mind (which can get that way even if one is not cursed) meditation will help clear your mind and focus more on gaining skills and cooking your last night's hunt.
    -Retribution! You are the local guard on duty which happens to be religiously aliened and one of your kin folk/villagers has died to an evil doer! Your current skill lvl would be no match against his combativeness. But good thing praying to your god for strength on this player for a good reason (murder, not trespassing, but stealing and vandalism may be prayable) so you track him down and with your god's strength you are more protected/or strengthened to fight this man.
    If you are poisoned or something and you just need to spare some time to live to get aid from an ally then you could pray to your god for resilience which may buy you just enough time if your relationship with your god is favorable.
    -Death has knocked on your doorstep like he will for everyone, careful or not death has come to take your soul. But your relationship with your god could be compared to that of a mother and child that your god has denied death from taking you, this time but the next time your god may not have the ability to favor you so. Your god if praised so much could spare your life once a week or once a month ect.
    Devotion: When following this path one can devote himself to their god in all ways, sacrificing his physical strength to be able to Exorcise demons from people and heal other/self in middle of combat. Can slay undead creatures with exorcise.

    Witch's / warlock's Curse: (all skills frowned on)
    -resource is allready stated by a video, but the ability to cast hexes could drain from a resource pool that is given to you for conducting dark rituals daily or so, those witches you know personally can join in with a dark ritual to boost the amount of dark energy you receive.
    -Mind Melt, curse an object/item for when a player interacts with it be becomes hexed with a curse that slowly deteriorates the mind, randomly causing confusion/fainting and other effects until victim's metal state because that of a vegetable and dies.
    -Seer's Orb, A crystal ball made from materials and a curse on Someone, Or a village object so you can see wherever you put the curse that connects that crystal ball. Crystal ball is out in the open and not in the inventory (or maybe there should be a mobile one). But the crystal ball can be destroyed by whoever to end the curse, or the curse can be removed by (?? preists ??).
    -To remove curses you have to find herbs and burn them around the area you believe is cursed, whether it be your crops, house, or forge...ect burning the herb will disspell hexs and curses. The effectiveness of the disspelling could be altered by the quality/rarity of the herb and the difficulty of the curse.
    -Raise Dead, have you killed someone? Is their body just a useless corpse for decoration? Not anymore! with raise dead you can have an extra hands around the place, making the corpse your servant in construction or combat!!
    -Demonic Ritual, the cloak and dagger style of witchery is powerful, but when you need force then there is no better being to call for aid than the demons you study every day! Gather a group of witches together and reform a Demonic Ritual to summon a powerful being, form Lesser demons to Greater demons will come forth to heed your calls! Have them attack and destroy buildings and players of your enemies, make them breathe flames across the lands for those who oppose your witches' cult! This will take DAYS to cast as it is so powerful, when done in secret and not countered by anyone then this could be devastating! Releases huge amounts of magical energy so you would have to be stupid to not know this ritual was being preformed.

    Shamanismmaybe Voodoo witch doctor being forbidden shaman skills)
    So a witch's path or religious is not right for you? Well maybe a devouter to nature and the spirits and elements will be better suited for you? If your become a shaman the spirits of the ancestors are at your back, the elements will bend to your will, nature itself will dance to life at your presence.
    -resource would be the living nature around you, you draw just enough life force from trees, plants and other such natureish object to full your power (but not killing it, just to the point it has to recharge before being drained fully again)
    -You can brew together herbs into powerful potions which give stat boosts and healing qualities. If you need some health now and you can't wait (such as in combat) then use the potions, but there is a limit how many you can use every 30-60min, trade-able to other players
    -roots from the ground will spring up to capture foes in their grasp, not usable on paved areas
    -is something ailing your local villagers? You can brew up something to cure powerful poisons, you can use your herbs imbued with your nature magic to heal poisons crafted by the skill-fullest of assassins!
    -nature's call, do you need some helping hands around your place? maybe someone to dust or something while you sleep, look no further and call your local ent today! Use magic to turn an ordinary tree into your ent servant for combat or other thing you need done!
    -Ancestral visions, is your shaman a decedent of someone who died? Or has anyone died in your village that had high stats and was regarded as a core member? With Ancestral visions the shaman can sit in a traquil location and smoke the shaman's herb to open his mind to visions from the Ancestors (they looked like how they died with their armor on and such h/e) The shaman selects a dead person to bring back into the physical realm for a short time, gaining knowledge from him/her to slowly take XP from them and give it to whoever the shaman decides needs the XP. The ancestor can only be called on once a day, other shamans can call other ancestors but never the same one twice within 20hr or so.
    -Far seeing, Can see in distant areas to spy or scout places.
    -can reduce himself physically to heal other in mid combat and cast Elemental Skills
    Shaman Elemental skills:
    -Lightning, can be summoned down on a tree and foe shocking them (stunning/slowing/dmg) or instantly destroying a tree to the ground.
    -Fire, can be called on to engulf homes in flame or areas (can start a forest fire but the more nature is harmed the more the shaman is punished by nature herself)
    -Storm, can be summoned to rain on crops making them grow faster, affects a large area making herbs more likely to grow as well, most likely one shaman storm call will cover a large area in rain. If a shaman wanted at make it stronger storm, to destroy villages or just aid in the destruction of them, he can increase the power of the storm to make lightning strike randomly for a couple of hours and possible tornadoes (which i am sure would be OP ahaha)
    -Earth, Pushes rare/and common Ore from the ground which then can be mined, also inside of a mine ores can be pushed through the earth to set on the outer layer. (maybe can cause an earthquake on enemies)
    Forbidden Arts Voodoo/Witch doctor
    -Voodoo doll, if you can get a piece of hair from an enemy you can craft a doll out of straw and ropes which you can torcher to produce effects that the player can see. Such as if you stab the doll the player will loose some health (non spammable, can kill). The Witch Doctor/shaman can drain XP that the player gets. The doll can be traced back to the Shaman or destroyed through magical forces from Witches and other shamans, Gods can destroy the doll too.
    -Reanimate, What is voodoo magic without Zombies? The witch's black magic can't compare to the Shaman's pure nature zombies, can fight for you and do other tasks.
    -Hexing, The Witch doctor/shaman has their own way to hex enemies and that is with a crafted Totem with a hexed tiki sign on it. It will be hidden from view unless someone can track it down in their village, affects larger areas than witches but easier to detect.
    Totems, a major part of the shaman is his totems, he can carve them out of wood and enchant it with his magic to do all sorts of things. From protection against the elements to detection of curses these totems can have all sorts of random buffs.
    Totems are strong in the magical arts and defenses but in a physical sense one could destroy it easily making it weak against foot assaults.
    -Anti Magic Totem, magic will have a hard time being casting in an area protected by this totem.
    -Sniffer Totem, If players leave a scent around a sniffer totem it will be able to detect the scent better and allow trackers to track it and such.
    -Rebirth Totem, The best totem is kept inside the shamans hut, safe and secure because with this totem once a month (or couple of weeks) if the shaman dies he will be reborn under that totem.

    This path is for the melee people, anyone that do not wish to fully devote themselves to a path will follow this one. Very important in numbers as the other paths will overlap each other in great numbers where only a few of each path is needed in a village. But a Battlelust path does not overlap and carries out melee assaults on other villages.

    Why different paths are needed in a village:
    These different paths would be the "back players" in a village VS village all out war. First off they start out with witchs and shamans spying on their foes seeing what their up to and they see something they don't like, its time to start taking action! They sit safely behind their castle walls casting their magic and attempting to ward off enemy's magic at the same time. A witch from a villager mite want to plague the crops but a shaman countered the plague with his cure plague. The witch then mite have lots of curses set up throughout your village but the local Devoted priest is working hard to restore the village to being curse free. While grunt units sneak into the villages and place the crafted totems that the shamans made to debuff certain areas of the village and slowly weakening the villages structure. While sending out storms to strike lightning on the villages. The enemy's witches started to cast demonic ritual and the other village was unsuccessful to stop it from being casted for 2-4 days it takes to cast. The demon was unleashed on the village controlled by a witch which burned the village to the ground.
    Pretty much these paths are the Buffers to the villages and the Artillery to soften up foes before the big guys in armor come strike in. While pure melee village would still be a formidable foe, a village structured around balance between all paths will be even more fearsome.

    there now that i got that off my chest haha

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    Also i was just rewatching some youtube videos over Salem and you must have a torch or light source to enter 'Mordor' or you will take damage just from not having light??
    With some of my ideas above i would ditch the idea of just randomly taking damage or more damage without light, but with a mental state you could slowly be driven insane if without a light source such as a torch or lantern. Also building of my ideas of a religious path one could pray to their god for an aura of light to protect them from the darkness.
    When in mordor without a light monsters should be more attracted to you, wolves could start hunting you down or random bats my strike from trees.
    Also building off the video i saw was the more Tamed the land is with buildings and other stuff, the less forest creature will show up and the brighter it appears to be. With some of my ideas, the further away you travel into mordor the level of Civilization drops and the level of wilderness raises, with a higher wilderness level one can stumble on higher level of bears, wolves, and maybe mystical creature. So the further out you go the more dangerous it is, but the more rewarding it should be.

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    With some of my ideas, the further away you travel into mordor the level of Civilization drops and the level of wilderness raises, with a higher wilderness level one can stumble on higher level of bears, wolves, and maybe mystical creature. So the further out you go the more dangerous it is, but the more rewarding it should be.

    This is the way it is and it has been so for quite a while. But of course you can claim it was your idea if you really want to.

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    Yeah i pretty much restated exactly what was said in the youtube vid on that part.

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    I wish there was a way Salem could spoon feed me ice cream and perform fellatio while I play but it's not going to happen. Your ideas are fine, not perfect, but fine. So become a game designer and do it yourself, open beta is nearing fast and Seatribe isn't about to scrap the project Fumito Ueda-style and begin anew. Salem is, for the most part, fine the way it is.

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    Maybe YOU should be a game designer Shodex. You have some good ideas, there.

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    I think it'd be very cool to see recognizable real life geography. For instance, it would be neat to recognize some sort of peninsula as the coast of Delaware and Maryland, albeit a coastline that maintains the fanstasy-sandbox feel.

    It may be asking too much but I'd settle for the Appalachian Mountains.

    I'd prefer this over a totally randomized map with haphazard mountains and oceans and junk.

    -- Knowing the HnH community, in time there's going to be penis mountains erected all over the East coast. Can't wait!

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    I'd like to see blood hounds--dogs that provide a fair bonus in tracking scents, a minimal aid in combat, and a respective cost for them in care.

    I'd like to see varying complexion sets for players, from light to dark skin.

    I'd like to see when someone joins a village that their name is not ???, but rather their name. All the puritans knew each other, from Goodman Brown to Goody Proctor; neighbors knew who their neighbors were.

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    Klipse's Wishlist


    Seasons: Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall.
    Weather: Rain, Snow, Fog, and Storms.
    Foliage: Trees, Herbs, and Bushes.
    Plants can undergo budding.


    Resource availability is dependent on seasons and current weather conditions.
    Resources are constantly changing and can be depleted and renewed over time.
    Resources differ in each location, this includes creatures.


    Players can raise, lower and level terrain.
    Players can place down pavements which improve travel speed.
    Players can dig trenches to channel water from rivers and lakes.
    Players can terraform only within claims.


    Creatures can become extinct and rediscovered.
    Predator and prey system, which determines populations.
    Different creatures appear in different seasons.
    Creatures can reproduce, prey reproduce faster than predators.
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    I'd like to see witchcraft have a need for PC corpses as a component to some hex. The corpse can't just be any noob corpse, but a corpse that either meets stat requirements, or other prerequisites, such as having been cursed for a long period of time from the witch intending to use the PC's body, etc.

    This seems more interesting to me than seeing the skeletons going to waste in graveyards. >:]

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    Then you would have witches farming alts, cursing them, and then killing them for the ability to use said hex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaunsred View Post
    Then you would have witches farming alts, cursing them, and then killing them for the ability to use said hex.
    Well, yes I thought of that. That's exactly why I made it important to have prerequisites be filled before the corpse would be viable for the hex. For instance, if such a system were in HnH, a Hex might only be worthwhile to be cast using a corpse of a PC who had 150 STR and 100 CON. With that being the case, it seems more trouble for a witch to invest so much in a perfectly good PC, to simply kill them off.

    Moreover I added the point that witches would need to have cursed them over a period of time, because, the only example of cursing I've seen involved a cursed sawhorse, that would need to have been used by a PC for it to have been of any worth. If a single player with a witch is literally farming the number of ALT's needed, for the amount playtime and players I had in mind, they'd be playing their ALTs far more than their main, and I'm sure they'd realize in time, that they need to play the game as intended to get the most fun out of it.

    Using PC corpses in such a way would make witches more of a dangerous and feared part of gameplay, since they would essentially be out for your head, or eyes (if you had 200pts of Yellow Humour :P), rather than the meaningless head or eyes of their own ALT.

    I honestly think this much risk would make it more fun for Witches and Witch-Hunters alike, as well as villages who don't want to have a witch among them, who may in time, kill them off for an ultimate hex.

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