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Thread: r20241c Hotfix

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    r20241c Hotfix


    by castewarkp Ľ Thu Mar 22, 2012 5:08 pm

    Critical Fixes:
    + Fixed a handful of known multiplayer sync issues that could lead to crashes.
    + Fixed crashes when doing Zuul intercept mission
    + Fixed a crash caused by AI players attempting to ally with indy players.
    + Fixed an issue that was preventing certain technologies from being unlocked.
    + Fixed an issue that was causing premature ending of combat in certain single-player and networked games.

    Other Fixes:
    + Fixed some overlapping text issues in the mission screens.
    + Survey complete and planet colonized dialogs now show interactive system and star map, respectively.
    (Click the right/left buttons on the viewports to cycle.)
    + Fixed the drawing of intercept mission waypoints.
    + Fixed return trips for intercepts when a target fleet goes out of range.
    + Prevented Zuul ships from boring temporary node lines back from a deep space encounter.
    + Fixed the issue where Radiant Bore ships could not create node lines.
    + Gate Lab upgrade requirements can now be met.
    + Hiver gates now display Gate Lab module options.
    + Ships no longer flee so far from an incoming comet in combat.
    + The sensor view icon has been centered correctly on the comet in combat.
    + Fixed a function that allowed a non-player owned system to request a check for an enclave permission before colonizing a planet.
    + Fixed the provincial capital visual effect.
    + Fixed an issue where combat UI was allowing freighter speeds to be set.
    + Combat zones no longer appear in deep space combat.
    + The battle manager is no longer available for deep space encounter locations.
    + Fixed an issue where infrastructure was resetting to zero each time a planet was recolonized.
    + Zuul trade now unlocks correctly.
    + Barren planets now have some resources.
    + Fixed issues where inappropriate battle riders were being used to aid in surveys.

    Other changes:
    + Reduced overthrust in combat.
    + Ships with drones now survey faster.
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    I noticed that you nerfed Grav Boats, which previously were TOO good.

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