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Thread: highly recommend this game

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    highly recommend this game

    I'm a relative newbie and did not suffer through the lean months after the initial release of SOTS2. I did read this forum regularly and noted all the problems and was leary of purchasing the game. I do have a long history purchasing games here at Paradox/Gamer's Gate, and am no shill for this game.

    So, honest opinion ... I am so glad now that I did recently get it. After about 10 days of steady playing, continually going back to read the wiki, the SotsPedia, the forums, in order to start to understand all the features and nuances of the game (and there are a LOT of nuances!), I have to say that it's a real treat. Anyone out there, who like me stayed on the sidelines - go ahead and get SOTS2. It's ready. It's fun.

    I like everything about it

    -the graphical fleet manager, which is like something out of a space opera novel, allowing the player to imagine and implement formations
    -the battle manager, which gives one a sense of really defending a star system tactically
    - all the inter-related elements of the economics and policy systems (and an alien biosphere system that I don't think is even fully fleshed out yet)
    - the incredible depth and variability in research options,
    - ship design (which I haven't even begun to explore fully)
    - the potential in the government types and diplomatic features
    - a game within the game - managing/encouraging independent/civilian colonization and development
    - the beautiful graphics

    I could add more, but you get the picture.

    Apparently Kerberos and Paradox did some people wrong early on, in the initial stages of the game release. It's my opinion that if those people come back to the game, and altogether new purchasers make the leap - they won't be disappointed.

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    It's easy for you to be happy about your purchase with the discounts that have been applied.
    In our case here, we've been waiting 5 months... personally in the last 2 months I got a CTD ending with 3 separate games.

    I think it's only a matter of time before it becomes a masterpiece but that might really take a while. I am happy you bought it as I am happy I didn't ask for a refund.

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    Glad you are enjoying the game gwgardner, it should only get better from here.


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    It was encouraging to read such a positive post about the state of the game.
    I bought this game a while back but have not played even 1 sec due to many posts about CTD's etc.

    Will definitely dig my teeth into now to see if it has the immersive effect i am looking for.

    Space, combat, colonization, ship building..... it has the elements to tickle my fancy

    thx for the encouraging post gwgardner
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    This is nice to read - I loved SotS I and have been wondering if I should go forward with II. I am willing to put up with the normal dev issues (hell, I pre-ordered HOI3 and am still playing it!), so I was really wondering if it was time to go for this title...

    Any input or advice would be welcome...
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    Good for you that you have fun with it. Even now though there is too much missing for me to take it seriously. Missing techs is major. So is the AI apparently not playing by the same rules at all. Just sending ships all over the place while you have to work within the mission structure, and in range of forward bases. Maybe in another few months it will be where it should be.

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    The game is definitely not "ready" for anything imo, certainly not ready to be sold as a full priced game, apart from glaring performance issues in combat, GUI lag, missing gameplay elements, brain-dead cheating AI and balance issues the size of the mount everest. Though I guess todays patch will a large the deciding factor, apparently they planned only 2 more patches to get all the features in, which would mean in a month it could be half-way fun and entirely playable (which would be a first) I guess by then one can only even begin to judge whether this game will actually turn out to be FUN like SOTS1 was. So far there is some nasty crash-bugs around that can ruin your game and as long as they are there playing the game seems pointless. Also while some are playing many hours they probably modified files themselves to remove offending crash sources, which is nice and all, but not something that players should do to enjoy a game.

    But even if that patch happens to be huge indeed, the GUI issues (as in, the GUI is working against you) and the combat performance problems are there, and they don't seem to go anywhere. Mainly because high-end rigs who can blaze through BF3 on ULTRA (which is by far the highest demanding game out there) *can* have performance issues that turn the combat into a slideshow with no known cause or fix.

    Even according to the devs themselevs the game is not yet done, also I had to giggle at OP who thinks its the sign of a good game to be forced to read wiki and forum to understand nuances and elements of a game. When in reality, this is a sign of a broken and opaque GUI, and not a game-element anyone should be happy about.

    Well either way, another few months and it might be there where it should have been 6 months ago.

    Also, once all game elements are IN maybe we can finally get that mysterious Tutorial ;p

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    I bought this game while it was discounted but am still waiting it to be patched before playing it, as I don't like crashes...
    Thanks a lot for your post, I need to know what is happening before launching myself !

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    Is this game out of beta yet? I watch the steam updates and it looks as if they are still development beta's? I'm a big fan and was disapointed with its release but I have high hopes for this game! I just don't know if a dev beta release can qualify for such high praise yet. I don't know but the originator sounds a bit.... not like a customer? If you are catching my drift. Anytime someone opens up with 'I'm no shill for this game' usually means they are.

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    I'm a customer. Look at my join date. I've been playing games from paradox since HOI1. I use the same id on all game forums, like Matrix. But hey, if Kerberos wants to put me on the payroll, fine by me.

    When I like a game, I like to praise it. More customers, more development and improvements. I've tried lots of 4x space games. Recently played Armada 2056 Supernova and Distant Worlds. Both good. I think SOTS2 has the potential to really hit the sweet spot. It's already very fun. Thus my high praise for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gwgardner View Post
    I'm a customer. Look at my join date. I've been playing games from paradox since HOI1. I use the same id on all game forums, like Matrix. But hey, if Kerberos wants to put me on the payroll, fine by me.

    When I like a game, I like to praise it. More customers, more development and improvements. I've tried lots of 4x space games. Recently played Armada 2056 Supernova and Distant Worlds. Both good. I think SOTS2 has the potential to really hit the sweet spot. It's already very fun. Thus my high praise for it.
    Understandable that you have both a right to your opinion and a right to express it. You just hit the nail on the head though. You said SOTS2 has the potential to really be good. I agree with that but that's not what your first post said. You praised a game to high heaven that the developers recognize as not even out of beta. Anyone who read your post who was thinking about this game would not know they were buying a beta. Based on your post it would sound as if beta was done and the game is now complete. That's dishonest and disingenuous. For doing so, you are a shill.


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    Attack me all you want; it serves to bump the post to the top.

    I play the game now and enjoy it. It's fun. Every patch it's even more interesting. There's the potential for lots more fun. I encourage others to get the game and enjoy it as well.

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    The objective opinion: The game is still not complete, nor finished. I personally would not buy the game, if i knew its current state. But for 5 € you can`t go wrong with a purchase.

    And now the subjective opinion: OMG this game is so freaking awesome. I really enjoy it. If you love 4x you will love Sots II becuase its close to feature complete now, after half a year of more than 35 patches and a pricedrop of 90%. (yes its sarcasm...)

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    sounds like another kerberos marketing ploy

    i was one of the suckers that fell for the original one by Nighthaunt way back when it was in beta

    are you really saying you can't see any of the many many problems with this game that others have posted about - if your post was a little more balanced i think it would have been much more appreciated - as it just comes across as another post by a blinkered fanboy
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    Is the game ready for the open market?

    Answer: No!

    Is the game worth 5€?

    Answer: Yes!

    Would I recomend the game to someone else at the moment?

    Answer: No, not in general, unless I know the person were a 4x nut.

    Was the game worth 40€ in October?

    Answer: No!

    Can you enjoy the game now?

    Answer: Part of it yes, but all of it no!

    Do I regret my decision for not asking for a refund in October?

    Answer: No!

    Some easy answer of one persons opinions.
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