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Thread: Province limit for quad?

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    Province limit for quad?

    Dear lads from the Paradox-forum,

    I had a little idea to mod some more provinces in The Netherlands, to make it more detailed - just to see how it would work out. So I splitted most existing provinces in 2 3 provinces. Then I added defenition, region etc.

    When I start up to test the mod, it doesn't load propely. It crashes around Quad ~1700. When observing the quads in Photoshop, the last quad created is the one before The Netherlands.

    I tried to bypass the problem by creating quads without the mod, and then put the quads in the mapcache. This prevents from crashing during set-up, but makes the game crash when selecting a country and press 'play'.

    So, my question is: could it be that the Quad has too many provinces (if so, how many provinces can be stacked into a Quad?) - or is there another problem?

    BTW: I'm using Victoria 2.2 with the AHD expansion (still haven't registered it yet...)

    Thank you in advance!

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    Did you clear the cache?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrelvis View Post
    Did you clear the cache?
    Yes, I did.

    Sorry, my english sucks

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