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Thread: East India Company 75% off

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    Any "buyer, beware" notes?
    What do all those pieces of DLC in the Collection do, besides adding battles and Pirates!-imitation?

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    It's on sale again, only 66% off this time, but still a great deal.

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    Just bought the collection. Hope it's good
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    I just bought it too, although I ordered a boxed copy from amazon. I was mulling it over for a few days, but last night I fired up the demo and fought a battle where half the ships were wrecked by being blown into a lee shore. That clinched the deal.
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    The whole Paradox catalogue is 40% off, and there are daily deals for upwards of 75% off. The first daily deal is Victoria II 75% off, which I'm off to buy right now!

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    is it a new game???

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickylee197 View Post
    is it a new game???
    It was made 2009 (I think) so it is not "new". (There is newer version as I understand, made in 2012?, that is set at western part of the world >america< but that is a different story).

    However since I just got it it is new for me to play.

    And I like it so far.
    Plus it cost me 5.99dol. (EIC Collection), more than a fair price for any kind of game.

    I had at first 3 unsuccessfully attempt and failed miserably (each time changing home port, allthought other than location of any EI company seat there is no difference what country you play). And my fourth attempt with France Company going well finally so far. I got up to 1615 a.d. and managed to complet first set of missions, but I am not in a very good shape for continuation, since it does look like the next missions are much more demanding, but I saved a game so I will continue next time (I can play this game until CK2 Republics is out )

    So far I resolve all of my battles automatically, I figure I have first to manage trade and tactic before I learn a skills for sea battlefields. So the game look like a double fun to me.

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