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Thread: "Reset-ing" Achievements

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    "Reset-ing" Achievements

    (Okay, another thread on the same subject after being advised it is a Paradox Connect issue)

    As a player of EU3, with the imminent release of patch 5.2 (which is currently being beta-tested), I'm looking to be able to go thru accomplishing the various Achievements again.

    Is there any way to "reset" them without having to basically create a new ID and the other adjustments that would be involved (with a new ID) ?

    As for "Why" ... it would be generally acknowledged that in 5.2, multiple Achievements would be "harder" to obtain, nevermind that part of me would just like to be able to get the "ding, Achievement!" again.

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    I don't think there is any way to reset them, but I'll check.

    Edit: Nope. Someone would have to go in and adjust the database manually, and we can't really do that, sorry.
    Why don't you try a few new ones instead?

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