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Thread: 2 possible bugs

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    2 possible bugs

    First about hidden units attacking.
    At which point are they supposed to reveal themself?

    in the screen above they are still hidden while i have to decide the defenders.
    Same happend on another attack where the card revealed itself as soon as the battle window opened.
    Supposed to be like that or bug?

    Another bug is about the famous Axis Kradschuetzen.
    they are supposed to swap in legal land units, but yet i could swap in 2 supports with 2 Krads (works with 3 krads and 3 supports aswell)

    I doubt thats supposed to be like that, otherwise axis defense just got a serious boost


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    hidden units when attacking are reveled when the battle starts not after you put em down, and it looks like the krads bug is still not fixed yet
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    I confirm: hidden unit (in this case Rear Area FlaK) stay hidden until I use it in combat, even as attacker.
    If I don't use it in combat, it stay hidden (as attacker)
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