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Thread: Is this a Bug?

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    Is this a Bug?

    Hey everyone, im Playing DH on Steam v 1.02. So i decided to play as the Soviet Union and by 1945 I grinded the Germans down and reached eastern Prussia, when suddenly Germany spawned HUNDRETS(sic!) of Volkssturm Militias.

    They kicked me and the allies out of Europe and I had to evacuate the whole front . Is this supposed to happen, because I think that's quite overpowered?

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    Wow what Lithuania doing here?

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    I dont think you should be worried about germany, look out Lithuania moving its troop!

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    Haha i didn't invade Lithuania, to shorten the front vs germany. They were neutral at this point. I finally grinded through this volkssturm but the allies captured all of europe with me being left only with poland . Those Volkssturm guys are pretty badass. Totally Overpowerd actually

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    I don't thing it's a bug, but caused by a slow approach into germany and grinding their units down on your part.
    When you start to conquer the territory of any enemy nation and it's manpower gets low due to extended losses, an emergency total mobilization level kicks in that mobilizes the last scraps of manpower reduces the buildtime (and quality) of militias, and tells the ai to start massproducing militia divisions.
    But I have never seen it on such scale, most of the time countries fall too fast or are to wastly outnumbered so it doesn't really matters anymore.
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