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Thread: I have zhukov for trade

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    I have zhukov for trade

    First time im posting in trade so I'm a noooob so please dont rip me off

    im looking for the following axis card (any combo/quantity):

    SS Panzergrenadiers
    preemptive strike
    Volksgrenadier ( still need 4, somehow, I never got any in the weekly booster)

    I'm not online often so be patient if we get a deal

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    Good luck with finding ss guys. anyway a zhukov is at least 1! dont be happy with less... and with preemptives try to get more than 2 for him.

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    You will be ripped off if you trade Zhukov for any number of uncommon cards like Volksgrenadier. Take rares or better.

    Also, Preemptive Strike is not that valuable, but value depends entirely on need, so if you really need it, have at it.

    I'd try to hold out to get 1 SS Panzergrenadier, or, if someone is in enough neeed, a Rommel. Not to say you'll necessarily get any of those.

    If you catch me, I'll give you a fair deal for it.
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    well i meant a combo could be possible for the volks (my english is limited)

    like for exemple: 2 preemptive and the volks i need

    in all case, thx for the advice.

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    Im in trade lobby now , meet me there .

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    I have 2 Preemptive Strikes and can give lots of uncommons. Have other cards too.

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    Traded to Dotto1979 for 2x Preemptive Strikes and the promise of a few free volks in the future

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