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Thread: A Sincere Thank You

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    A Sincere Thank You

    Paradox, you always impress me with your interactions with your fans and customers. You listen, respond, and use their ideas and creativity to make your company and your games better. But today, I want to say thank you for sending me an email on my birthday. I know, it's a little pointless thing but by taking the slight extra time and effort to make the forum track and automatically send a birthday wish is the exact thing that makes Paradox stand out in the world of computer game development and publishing. Thank you again for that kind gesture.

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    The replies to those used to be read by Bib and myself. It was always so nice to have one of those in your inbox instead of a complaint or problem someone was having. Although the random thoughts of someone on their birthday could also be a little strange.
    So glad you took the time to mention this, and you are very welcome, all the best for you in the next year of your life.
    I have been dealt a good hand in life, now I am just looking for a few more cards!

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