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Thread: navem bombers are copletely OP

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    navem bombers are copletely OP

    the game seems completetly brocken atm , my carriers seem to have no air defence and get annilated by naval bombers , is this a bug or working as intended , if its intended then games not worth playing . fleets seem to have no chance against defending against ariel attack . escpecially the carriers there are just annilated , before you say it they are screened by CL with AA but it makes no differance atall

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    Hi, i have also noticed naval bombers sinking ships and also not taking any damage. carriers are also no help and being damaged.

    i have increased air defence on DD and lt crus. i have not noticed much of a change, i will increase more and play test.
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    Carriers were a major threat to enemy ships. So nearly every faction sent as many aircraft as they could to take out the carriers. Just look at what happened in the pacific. The US and JAP navy's went after the carriers and sank a lot of them. AA didnt do much to save the carriers and the fighters on the carriers were no match for enemy land based fighters. Bombers did suffer heavy losses against carriers but in most cases the carrier got sunk or badly damaged. Carriers generly didnt carry many fighters for defence. They mainly carried bombers to take out enemy ships or bomb beaches in support of amphibs. Pearl harbour was all about taking out as many US carriers as possible as the main target. Then BB's as secondry targets. But the Japs had bad intel and didnt know the carriers were not in port otherwise they would of lost all of them. Both sides built airbases on islands they captured to give air support to their navy's cause they were better at taking out carrier based planes and carriers as they were bigger and faster and better armed. All ships r vulnreable to air attack even modern warships can be taken out by aircraft easy. IE falklands war. The brits lost a lot of ships to enemy aircraft even with the best AA missiles in the world at the time. Planes r very fast and hard to hit. While a ship is big and moves slow and cant manouver very easy. So they r an easy target for even poorly trained pilots and crews. The area i dont like is fighters attacking bombers over land. They never inflict any damage on the bombers and even the AA has no effect on them. But then again the bombers dont do much damage to land based units either. I only ever use ground attack on units that have been beaten in battle and r retreating. Then they do cause a lot of damage and can even destroy a unit. But a unit that is fully organised wont suffer any damage from air attack. But the air unit will suffer losses. As a result of poor air attacks ive given up using them. They dont even help win a battle if used when u attack with land and air at the same time. But then nukes dont to much better lol. I dropped 10 nukes on 1 province and didnt destroy the defending units like their supposed too. I was trying to do an amphib and my troops just couldnt get ashore even though i was using 12 marine divs againt 1 defending div with ground attack from CAS and shore bombardement from my navy of 30 ships. Thats when i started dropping nukes. But even that didnt do anything to help. It just meant when i finaly got ashore after 6 months and about 50 divs in continouds attacks i didnt have a port to bring supplies into as the nukes destroyed the port. airbase infrastucture and factories. But only caused minor casulties on enemy units.

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    Please format your posts cliff it's a real pain to the eyes to read that.

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    Agree, NAV is too strong. 8x NAV is enough for the Home fleet, then 12xNAV is far enough for US Atlantic fleet & all the CAN, HOL, NOR, etc. remaining units...

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    Nahh, seems fine to me. I agree with Cliff, ships are really no match for air power. The mighty Bismark was crippled by near WW1 tech. Battle of Midway was decided by a single squad of bombers...Repulse and Price of Wales sunk by tactical bombers durring a single strike. In fact I find it takes many strikes to take out ships in this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cliff60 View Post
    IE falklands war. The brits lost a lot of ships to enemy aircraft even with the best AA missiles in the world at the time.
    As far as i know only 2 frigates and 2 destroyer and 1 merchant navy ship have been sunk on british side. I don't know if you could tell that 5 ships are "a lot".
    And i see no proof of your statement that the british navy used "the best AA missiles in the world".

    But back to the topic: In the Iron Cross mod naval bombers are very useful and strong but not overpowered in my opinion.

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