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Thread: How are Crusades and Jihads get called off?

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    How are Crusades and Jihads get called off?

    Does anyone know what determines a Crusade/Jihad being called off?

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    I always thought it was because the target was conquered by someone during a war that was not a crusade/jihad. Other than that, no clue.
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    picking up on this topic, can anyone give any additional info?

    I am playing byzantium the shia caliphate declared jihad on beyrut that i own

    will the jihad be called of if i manage to convert to orthodox beyrut? ... and what if i DoW the shia caliphate and force them to revoke the jihad?

    Also objectively what can i expect from my muslim neighbours? pretty sure it has been my big army the reason why they never attacked me in the past ... will they continue to be fearful or will they gang up?

    Also, will catholic nations get negative impact if they are DoW when I am defending from the jihad war, or under jihad threat but no effective war?

    would very much like to clash with the HRE, but am not about to do that untill it is clear to me whether or not i'd be stuck with a big war on two fronts

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