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Thread: Hostilities to Erupt in the North Atlantic

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    Hostilities to Erupt in the North Atlantic

    Very Cold War Soon to Turn Hot in Naval War: Arctic Circle

    GDC San Francisco – March 7th, 2012 – The detection of a Russian attack submarine just outside a major Norwegian port, but still in the northern kingdom's territorial waters, is raising the possibility of armed conflict in the North Sea. Fears that the prolonged oil drilling standoff between Moscow and her Western European rivals will explode have many world capitals concerned. With most of the earth's terrestrial oil supply exhausted and the industrial world's insatiable appetite for oil still growing, the stakes are high in this global battle over who controls access to the wealth buried deep in the Arctic Circle.

    View the latest trailer from Paradox and Turbotape Games that shows new gameplay footage of the ships and naval aircraft at your command in Naval War: Arctic Circle.

    Watch how you will control the forces at your disposal:

    Coming this spring, you will have a chance to direct this battle and claim these riches for your country in Naval War: Arctic Circle's single player campaign or in multiplayer engagements.

    Here the developers first report on the conflict:

    Last month they reported more about the navies that will respond to your commands as you patrol and protect your homeland's sea lanes:

    Your country needs you. History is calling. Will you be ready?

    More about this game
    Web page:

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    Of the games announced, so far I confess this is the one that got me more interested.

    Napoleon's Campaign II has everything to be a favorite. Philippe Thibaut interview is fantastic and a very honest and detailed account of what the game may offer. But unfortunately it covers a time period which I am not much of a fan. It's the same with American Civil War games, which I don't feel attracted at all. It's unfair, I know, to see such great work and research go to waste on an irrational antipathy or disinterest for a time period. But such is, I think, the life of a grand strategy title. I'm sure Paradox will do great regardless with Napoleon's Campaign II. Absolutely impressive title. But here's to the possibility of Paradox looking in the future at World War I, or Africa tribal conflicts that shaped the continent before the arrival of Europeans.

    Anyways, huge derail there. Sorry. So, hmm, Article Circle. Really interested in this title, touching a rarely seen theme, but a favorite one of mine; modern strategic warfare. Huge congrats and best of luck to those fine guys at Turbo Tape Games. You are doing something great.

    One last thing... Jan Haugland, I'll most probably take your challenge. And I'll wipe the deck of my Queen Elizabeth-class carrier with your arse. You watch me.

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