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Thread: "Double Steward" bug or "Who're you??!! I never appointed you!!"

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    "Double Steward" bug or "Who're you??!! I never appointed you!!"

    I appointed the loyal Dorathea von Zahringen to be my Steward. A few months back in game time, some weird stuff started happening.

    I get a popup saying 1000 gp had been embezzled. The popup showed a "steward" -one Teresa of Suzdal- that wasn't my Steward. I would have never appointed her, she had low stats, cruel, proud, selfish and was extremely disloyal. I look at my Steward and it's still DvZ.

    I said "WTF??" and reloaded.

    A few minutes ago I get a popup with "Teresa" showing as "my Steward" saying she was going to leave if not paid. I reload. I do an F12+Die on Teresa...and my Steward slot empties!!! I have to "reappoint" DvZ!!!!

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    That is a weird case but hopefully it does not happen again

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