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Thread: AI that makes the computer proud

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    AI that makes the computer proud

    Hi! Did you ever have a country run by the AI do great things with little or no help from the player? If so, post it here.

    My scenario: Mega Meklemburg, which is the 3rd largest economic powerhouse in the wolrd, has the 3rd largest army on the continent, excellent technology etc, etc...

    And all of this accomplished by a mere 2PM!

    Notice that it did not lose a single province through it's entire existance post 1399. As far as I know, it did not lose any wars against an non-human either.

    And the best part is that after waiting for a few cores, it could form Germany!

    I have to admit that I did help here a bit, mostly by not squashing the state when it was weak. Also I have tag switched on 3 occasions, once to send a few gifts to a country which was subsequently diplovassalised by the AI, once to ensure that the OPM warleader of an opposing allience gets occupied last, so Meklemburg annexed 2 countries instead of one and the last time to declare war on the last two independant German princes, who were in an allience (to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, before the allience breaks).

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    I had an AI actually reclaim all of Byzantium's cores in my Italy game, but I lost the save

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