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Thread: I want this game.

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    I want this game.

    Seriously, its like all my dreams come true. 80's and 90's action movies are some of my favourites. The Devs should watch Outland with Sean Connery.

    Sean Connery. In Space. With a shotgun.
    How awesome is that?

    Excuse me while I break out (and subsequently learn how to play) an electric guitar and play a 20 minutes solo.


    Also, we need one liners. Tons of one liners. That means a bunch of preprogramed one liners or voip support. I want to knock someone off a building and say "It looks like he didn't understand the gravity of the situation."

    Bruce Willis laughs "eh heh heh", judging on how many Bruce Willis movies were listed, are also required!

    edit2: You forgot in the teaser trailer that it was christmas eve! WTF!?
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    It seems potentially brilliant, if a bit hectic for my ageing self. I wanted to compare it to Worms, but the publicity team already got there before me.

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    Immediately thought of Gunstar Heroes (and its lesser known Saturn pre/sequel of Guardian Heroes). Has that kind of madness to it.

    Out of the three announced games, think this has peaked my interest the most.

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    Soldat with different graphics. Might be nice.
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    This game looks AWESOME.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikebloke View Post
    Immediately thought of Gunstar Heroes (and its lesser known Saturn pre/sequel of Guardian Heroes). Has that kind of madness to it.

    Out of the three announced games, think this has peaked my interest the most.
    Gunstar Heroes <3
    That cart lived in my Genesis. ^_^

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    i'm also really excited for it!

    the moment i heard what it was going to be like i was eager, and then i saw total biscuit and that dev playing it and it looks like its going to be awesome! i'll see you all online when it comes out

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