!ATTENTION! - Beware of long signatures, spam posts, necromancy and bandwidth leeching!

Long signatures:

- Your signature should be composed of the default font size (2) or smaller and should not exceed 10 lines (including empty lines) when
viewed at 1200x1080 and with the "User post bit set left". Shorter signatures are strongly encouraged
- Your signature should conform to the normal Forum Rules regaring content.
- Your signature should not include ASCII-made images.
- Your signature should not include vBB-code quotes.
- Colours, links (in accordance with Forum Rules) and VBB-codes other then quotes may be used. Bad nesting of vBB-codes may cause trouble,
these signatures may be removed without notice.
- Any signature seen as being overly wrong or of an offensive nature, etc, is liable to be removed without notice.
- Inflammatory political statements or quotes (as perceived by the Paradox Staff) are not permitted and will be removed.
- Paradox Staff have the final say over what is deemed appropriate.

Spam posts:

The following kind of posts are deemed spam and are liable to be removed without notice, posting these kind of posts may lead to the poster
receiving a warning (or infraction if you are a repeat offender):

- Posts that ask only for an update.
- Posts that only contain screenshots or images.
- Posts that contain only smilies.
- Posts that are limited to "+1".


What is necromancy?
- Posting in dead threads.

When do you consider a thread to be dead?
- In AARland the rule is 6 (six) months.

Neglecting this may lead to the poster receiving a warning (or infraction if you are a repeat offender).

Bandwidth leeching:

- Do not link to images on other websites unless you have authorisation to do so. This kind of "hot linking" is stealing bandwidth of the
server you link from and is not appreciated.
- Use hosting sites like Photobucket, ImageShack, Majhost,... to upload your screenshots and other assorted images for your AAR.

Thank you,

AARland Moderator Team