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Thread: CK2 is a game about match-making, not warmongering (unlike EU3 or HOI3)

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    I have far more wars in ck2 than eu3
    Breaking truce in eu3 -> stability hit, and if you big this can be very bad
    breaking truce in ck2 -> who cares, if you big you don't care what other rulers think (except the pope... anti pope helps here)
    --> much more wars in ck2
    But the "Raised Levies too long" negative opinion mod forces me to have peaceful periods between huge wars (much more than a truce).

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    I'd make a distinction between matchmaking and the more general character-interaction parts of the game.

    Yes, marriage is an important part of the game, but there's also trying to keep your vassals happy, preparing for your awesome King to die and be replaced with his wastrel son, dealing with your envious half-brother, etc. I actually find most of those things far more fun than the actual marriage mechanics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by siis View Post
    But the "Raised Levies too long" negative opinion mod forces me to have peaceful periods between huge wars (much more than a truce).
    Civil war and crusading both dont countfor the penelty so you can try get the dukes you need to revoke titles from to revolt at these times

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    To the OP-

    Yes, i can understand what you mean. Sometimes it does feel like all i'm doing is playing Cupid, and failing miserably at it. As House of Godwin, i cannot marry anyone without taking a prestige hit, even seemingly a Danish prince. On the other side of the coin, I offer my eldest daughter to some 2-bit swamp farmer's son, who indignantly informs me he is looking for a better alliance? With who? I own England, Wales and most of Western France!

    Don't get me wrong- i'm really enjoying the game, with about 18 hours into this playthrough, but i do feel certain things are being falsely restricted- the CBs being one of them. The fact that i can only fabricate 1 claim at a time (unless i'm missing something?), and sometimes that takes decades (seriously), you can mostly be assured that as a far-west power bordering only christians, the only way to get land is through inheritance.

    However with that in mind, i think there needs to be a much smarter and more customisable way of searching through characters. The current method is satisfactory at it's most base level, but needs expanded greatly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IronHead View Post
    I kind of agree.. But if u want that kind of game. Play EU3 or Victoria II?
    I've never been able to really enjoy EU3. And now with these pretty campaign maps of CK2 and VicII I can't go back to EU3 =D (It is odd that I am a graphics whore playing Paradox games... not exactly known for good graphics...). But, yea I love VicII and need to start another game of that soon. Only problem with that game is how you have to choose between a bunch of larger countries. There are very few small countries (which is historically accurate obviously), and those are my favorite to play with. CK2 is now perfect for me in so many ways, thanks to the intense amount of micromanaging, and it allows me to fulfill most of my conquest dreams. Just, sometimes I want to say: I'm attacking you because I am more powerful and you can't stop me dammit!

    Quote Originally Posted by SlyEcho View Post
    That's exactly what Fabricate Claims is. Except you have to do the waiting before going to war, in the other games you have to let your badboy burn off after the war.
    I agree, but I'd rather do the waiting after the war than before Especially because fabricate claims only works on a single province and you could take more then that in VicII if I recall correctly.
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