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Thread: Benefits of being Independant

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    Benefits of being Independant

    So, I just started my first game inside the HRE. I played as the habsburgs and created the Kingdom of Burgundy and am now slowly eating into germany and Italy.
    When my less-than-competent heir inherited I noticed one thing:
    My vassals wont revolt, however much they hate me. That made me start thinking: Why should I ever become emperor or independant?

    The only thing I need to do is keep sort of a puppet Emperor on the throne and keep the Crown authority on Medium. As the most powerful ruler inside the realm it should be possible. Is there anything I am missing?

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    I could do that with my eyes tied behind my back!

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    Honestly, it depends on how you want to play. You could technically play the entire game as one of the most powerful figures in the HRE, leaving the Emperor a figurehead. Let him take the flak for tyrannical rule, no matter who's on the throne, you rule.

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    imo best benefit of independence is constant invasions from your former liege

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    I have had the same experience in the HRE, though I vastly prefer the crown authority to be low, because then I can attack other vassals without plotting.
    Slowly take over the entire HRE, while keeping the emperor intact. No real plotting against me, and I can become so powerful that no other nation, perhaps except the Byzatines, can stop me, including the emperor of the HRE, which I attack infrequently myself to keep the crown authority low (I prefer it at minimum, because that way, with bad relations with my liege, I can keep all my troops for myself).

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    Interesting. I didn't know that vassals won't revolt if you are a vassal yourself.

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