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Thread: New Nations Mod (For AHD)

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    New Nations Mod (For AHD)

    After a considerable amount of re-work, the New Nations Mod has been updated for use with AHD (and the mod folder). It's also undergone a few changes in the process, namely a number of the less plausible countries dropped and work done to split the mod into a basic and full version-- my goal is for this mod to present a more accurate and plausible set-up for both the 1836 and 1861 scenarios as well as offer more events (many of which I originally created for PDM) without changing VicII's fundamental mechanics.

    • over 150 new nations added
    • a host of new event chains and decisions
    • the Great War mod has been incorporated
    • more accurate nation set-up for the 1836 and 1861 scenario

    NNM Full v1.6: (DOWNLOAD) This offers all NNM's countries and changes the starting set-up for both scenarios to be more historically accurate. Many new events & decisions, a region revamp, and complete re-working of the wargoals (most of which were originally created for PDM). There are no changes to the economy or migration/promotion mechanics (nor will there be).

    NNM v1.6 HOTFIX B: {DOWNLOAD} This is meant to be downloaded and applied over top of the regular Full 1.6 version, fixing some smaller issues before the next release.

    NNM Basic v1.2: (DOWNLOAD) This offers the majority of NNM's countries as cores, without adding any as starting nations. This version has been pared down so it only changes cultures/pops and adds the cores-- there are no events or mechanic changes. All cores are added by decision only, so a player can easily go into the decision folder and delete unwanted countries so they never appear.

    NOTE: NNM requires the 2.31 patch. It will NOT work with AHD 2.21 or earlier.

    If you see any issues or have any suggestions on the starting set-ups for either scenario, please don't hesitate to post.

    New union nations!

    Who can form it: any country which is part of the Arab culture group (now including Sudanese and Maures/Moors)
    How to form: While NNM has Arabia, that's a country specifically for the Arabian peninsula. This is a union of all Arabic peoples. Become a greater power and research Nationalism & Imperialism, own all your own cores and either own any province which has an Arabic majority culture and which is not your core or have a neighboring Arabic country in your sphere. This will give you all Arabic cultures as accepted and send out a "call for Arab unity" which applies your cores across the entire Arab world, allows Arab pops to become pan-nationalists (which they cannot otherwise) and adds militancy to them if they're under non-Arab control. Any Arab country which is either in your sphere, is your vassal or is in no-one's sphere and is friendly to you will receive the annexation event.

    Who can form it: Austria-Hungary
    How to form: Research Revolution & Counterrevolution and Social Science, have a democracy or HM government with a liberal or socialist ruling party. This allows you to propose the federation, first to Hungary and then to the other Danubian cultures in your territory (Bohemia, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Croatia). They will each in turn either accept, demand vassal status or refuse outright. You can ignore the latter two, but it will cause rebellion once you form the Danubian Federation-- which you can do once all the cultures have responded, giving you all the accepted cultures and cores for those cultures which accepted the federation fully. Should Hungary ever rebel or the country become a totalitarian state with high militancy, the specter of civil war will arise as the member nations demand secession.

    Who can form it: Bastar, Mysore, Travancore and Karnatak
    How to form: Have Madras, Trivandrum, Bangalore and Calicut either owned or under your control. This will give you Tamil, Kannada, Telegu and Malayalam accepted culture and cores over all union nations. This is a "sub-union" on the way to India.

    Who can form it: Mughalistan, Awadh, Bundelkhand, Bihar, Orissa
    How to form: Have Delhi, Lucknow, Rewa and Patna either owned or under your control. This will give you Avadhi, Kanauji, Bihari, Oriya and Marathi accepted cultures and cores over all union nations. This is a "sub-union" on the way to India.

    Who can form it: Spain, Portugal, Basqueland, Catalonia
    How to form: Become a greater power, research Nationalism & Imperialism and have all Spanish and Portuguese cores (as well as Gibraltar) either owned or under your control.

    Who can form it: any nation in the East Indies
    How to form: Research State & Government and either own all Jambi, Siak, Atjeh, Sulawesi, Java and Bali cores or have them exist and have a relation of at least 50 with you. This will give you Javan, Malay and Moluccan accepted cultures and cores on all of modern Indonesia. Good luck.

    Who can form it: Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay
    How to form: Research Nationalism & Imperialism and have all Argentinian, Paraguayan and Uruguayan cores either owned or under your control. This will allow you to form the union and gives you cores over Bolivia as well. Become a GP and you can add Brazilian accepted culture and claim Rio Grande do Sul as well.

    Who can form it: Any nation with Maghrebi primary culture
    How to form: Have Fez, Constantine, Tunis and Tripoli either owned or under your control-- or the owner is Maghrebi, civilized and friendly to you. This will unite you and give you cores over North Africa from Libya west to Mauritania.

    Who can form it: Any nation with Malay primary culture
    How to form: Have all Johore cores either owned or the owner in your sphere/vassalized. This will turn you into Malaysia and send an event to all existing Malay countries which you're on good terms with a union event, as well as adding MLY cores to theirs. Malaysia is a nation that can also be formed by an outside power, should they get all Johore cores either owned or in their sphere.

    Who can form it: Massi, Fouta Touro, Fouta Jallon, Waddara, Wolof, Dendi, Damagaram, Sokoto, Toucouleur Empire
    How to form: Have an absolute monarchy and own Bamako, Linguere, Podor, Segu, Bandiagara, Niamey, Gabu and Timbo. You must also either own Kong or have an alliance with Wattara, and either own Wagadugu or have an alliance with Mossi. If this seems like a lot, there IS a "Sahel Jihad" event that occasionally grants CB's against African neighbors that own these lands.

    Who can form it: Maharashtra, Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior, Nagpur and Jubbalpur
    How to form: Own Bombay, Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior, Nagpur and Jubbalpur or have those provinces in your sphere. It will give you Gujarati and Kannada accepted cultures and cores on all union nations. This is a "sub-union" on the way to India.

    Who can form it: Massi, Fouta Touro, Fouta Jallon, Waddara, Wolof, Dendi, Damagaram, Sokoto
    How to form: Have an absolute monarchy and own Segu, Bandiagara and Niamey.

    Who can form it: Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia
    How to form: Own Tblisi and have Erivan and Baku either under your control or owned. This will give you all three accepted cultures and Transcaucasian cores over all their cores-- as well as a decision later to add North Caucasian culture and claim all Circassian and Dagestani cores to the north. This nation can also be formed as a vassal by an outside GP.

    Who can form it: Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgizstan, Kazakhstan and Uighurstan
    How to form: Many of these countries don't exist to start, their cores appearing either in the 1850's (for Kazakhstan) or around 1900 (for Turkmenistan and Tajikstan). Khiva and Bukkhara can become Uzbekistan (or the cores will appear once both of them are annexed), while Kokand can become Kyrgizstan (again, those cores will appear if Kokand is annexed). Become civilized and control Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikstan and Kyrgizstan cores and you'll receive all as accepted cultures and cores on all countries which can form the union-- essentially all of Central Asia.


    A screenshot of the 1836 set-up in Africa:

    A shot of the Peru-Bolivian Confederation, added to the 1836 set-up:

    A shot of the re-working of China's substates, only available in the Full version of NNM:

    The Tokugawa Shogunate and substate daimyos, added in NNM 1.1:

    A selection of flags for NNM countries:


    1) Download either the Full or Basic version (not both).
    2) Delete any existing NNF/NNB sub-folder currently inside your /mod directory.
    3) Extract (using WinRAR or something similar) to the /mod directory in your VicII installation. The whole thing, including the .mod file (that's important).
    4) If you are using the Full version, download and unzip the Hotfix to the same location.
    5) Start up the game and check the appropriate box on the launcher.


    All my flags are showing up wrong! What do I do?
    The sequence of flags in Vic2 is procedurally generated. Often, if you update the countries.txt file without re-generating the flags, the game won't prompt itself to do so... so you'll get all-black or all-white flags, or even countries in the game all having the wrong flags. The way to fix this with AHD is to go into your My Documents\Paradox Interactive\Victoria II folder and find the PDM folder there. Delete the "gfx" folder entirely. That will force the game to re-generate the flags on next start-up.

    My game crashes during 'Initialising Maplogic' -- I get an error that says 'virtualfilesystem.cpp, line: 624'?
    That's not the mod. Chances are you're using Vista/Win7 and Steam, and you need to look here for a fix: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/...-624.-SOLUTION

    The above issue isn't my problem-- it still crashes during 'Initialising Maplogic'.
    Another thing to try would be to clear your map cache. With AHD, go to your My Documents\Paradox Interactive\Victoria II folder and find your "NNM" directory. Go in there and delete the "map" sub-folder entirely, then restart the game. That should force your map to re-generate automatically. This will also, incidentally, fix any state borders which haven't updated since the last time you played.

    I'm not seeing anything on the launcher-- no button for 'New Nations Mod'. Did I install incorrectly?
    You must have. Very likely you didn't unzip the NNF.mod file into your mod directory. That's not a movie file, it's what tells the game the files that the mod uses.

    I'm getting weird crashes. What should I do?
    First thing to be aware of is that, if you're using a Steam version of Vic2, then uninstalling Vic2 through Steam does NOT remove any files in your vanilla directories which are specific to mods-- so if you've been using a mod like VRRP or added any other unique files into the vanilla directories they will not get deleted. If you re-install, it just installs Vic2 on top of them and those files will remain... and will screw up NNM. So if you uninstall, you'll need to go to your Vic2 directory and manually delete those files. Failing that, if you're getting crashes the very first thing to do would be to go into your My Documents\Paradox Interactive\Victoria II\NNM\logs directory and look at the "game" log there. If the crash is event-related, you'll see it listed near the bottom of the file... generally an event-related crash will be the last entry (if it's consistently the last one for each crash, that's a good sign). This is also a good place to look if you're reporting weird occurrences, and aren't sure what's causing it. Whether or not the game log helps you, reporting what you know here on the thread will get it looked at (or answered, if it's an issue that works as designed).

    The game runs slowly! How do I speed it up?
    New Nations Mod isn't as bad as PDM for being a resource hog-- every new country tag, new event/decision, new pop and so forth adds to the overhead required by your processors. Thus the requirements for NNM aren't as harsh as PDM, but if you're using an old computer you might still see an effect (particularly in later game years). One thing you can do is use the 2+ gig patch which allows the game to use more active memory (look here). Another thing to try is the Untransparent Map mod, which will alleviate some of the graphical demand by the game. If none of that works, then I'm afraid you're SOL-- the basic version of NNM is probably all your system can handle.

    For any countries that don't start off a scenario as existing, you can easily delete them by going into your decisions folder. There you'll see a bunch of decisions marked "NNM - Continent". Just open them up with a text editor, and you'll see each nation clearly marked with a note before its entry. Delete the sections you don't want, and their cores will never be added.


    -Trovador, for the original New Nations Mod (from version 1.1 and before);
    -Hibernian & Sabratha: they're responsible for Africa and Southeast Asia and much more besides;
    -Orinsul, for many nations and decisions here, plus a lot of the work on the Disunited States;
    -Naselus, for permission to adapt his Taiping Rebellion, Scandinavian union & Political Leaders events from PDM;
    -chandlerw1, for many of the flags from his Symbols Flagpack;
    -CaptRobau, for many things incorporated from his 1836 Improved mod;
    -Evil Weasel, for states from his Western European Minorities and Revolters mod;
    -Tunch Khan, for the Middle Eastern nations from his Ottomania Mod;
    -JuniorD, for several Carribean states from his The Commonwealth of Nations mod;
    -Yoshino, for the Bakumatsu mod-- which provided the inspiration for the Boshin War events;
    -VIP1 for the use of some of their flags;
    Many others - general ideas (thank you all!)
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    Country List

    #Latin America & Caribbean
    Bahia, Belize, Chiapas, Entre Rios, Equador Confederation, Gran Colombia*, Guyana, Jamaica, La Plata*, Los Altos, Oaxaca, Patagonia, Peru-Bolivia Confederation**, Puerto Rico, Rio Grande, Rio Grande do Sul**, Sonora, South Peru**, Tarasco, Trinidad, Yucatan

    #North America
    Alaska, Colorado Republic*, Dakota Republic*, FSA*, Greenland, Maritime Union, New American Alliance*, Oregon Country*, Pueblo Republic*

    Alsace, Asturias, Banat Republic, Basqueland (Vasconia), Brittany, Bukovina, Carlist Spain*, Corsica, Dalmatia, Danubian Federation*, England*, Galicia, Galicia-Lodomeria, Iberia*, Leon, Lorraine, Lusatia, Macedonia, Malta, Occitania, Poznan, Rhineland, Romagna, Sardinia, Savoy*, Schleswig-Holstein**, Silesia, Wales, Westfalen

    Altai Republic, Astrakhan, Circassia, Congress Poland, Cossack Union, Dagestan, Ingria, Kalmykia, Karelia, Kazakhstan*, Kamchatka, Siberia, Tannu Tuva, Tatarstan, Ural Republic, Yakutia

    #Middle East
    Arab Union*, Arabia*, Asir, Assyria, Bahrain, Baluchistan*, Cilicia, Durrani Empire*, Ha'il, Jordan, Kurdistan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan*, Lebanon, Palestine, Pontus, Syria, Tajikstan*, Transcaucasia*, Turkmenistan*, Turkestan*, Uzbekistan*, Zaydi/North Yemen**

    Assam, Bengal, Bihar, Bombay, Ceylon, Dravidistan*, Hindustan*, Karnatak, Marathas*, Rajputana*

    #China & Eastern Asia
    Ainu, Anhui*, Choshu, Fujian, Guangdong, Guominjun*, Hunan*, Kachin, Kaga, Lan Xang*, Nationalist China*, Ryukyu**, Satsuma, Sendai, Shan, Shogunate Japan, Sichuan, Taiwan, Tosa, Uyghurstan, Yonezawa

    Angoche**, Aro**, Ashanti**, Awsa**, Azande, Bambara**, Basotho**, Benin**, Botswana, Buganda**, Burundi**, Calabar**, Cyrenaica, Dahomey**, Damagaram**, Darfur**, Dendi**, Fouta Tooro**, Fuuta Jallon**, Gabu**, Gaza**, Geledi**, Gonder**, Harar**, Kaffa**, Kanem-Bornu**, Kazembe**, Kongo**, Kuba**, Loango**, Luba**, Lunda**, Maghreb*, Majeerteen**, Mali Empire*, Massina**, Matabele**, Mongo, Mossi**, Oyo**, Rwanda**, Shewa**, Shona, Sidama**, Somalia*, Suazi**, Sudan, Tigray**, Toucouleur Empire*, Trarza**, Wadai**, Warri**, Wattara**, Wolof**, Xhosa**

    #Colonial Africa
    Angola*, Cameroon*, Central African Republic*, Chad*, Congo*, Gabon*, Gambia*, Guinea*, Ivory Coast*, Kenya*, Libya*, Malawi*, Mali*, Mozambique*, Niger*, Nigeria*, Senegal*, Sierra Leone*, Tanganyika*, Togo*, Zambia*

    #Southeast Asia & Pacific
    Aotearoa, Bima, Fiji, Indonesia*, Jambi**, Kalimantan, Kutai, Lanfang**, Malaya*, Maluku, Sarawak*, Siak**, Sulawesi**, Sulu**, Tonga

    * = cores do not exist at the start of the game, and only appear by event/decision
    ** = appears as an existing nation at the start of the game (for the Full Version only)

    Feature List

    • New national value system (see here).
    • Dynamic Cores: cores now "spread" to neighboring provinces based on having a majority primary/accepted population there, and through a series of assimilation events. Similarly, owned cores for existing countries can have those cores slowly removed.
    • The wargoals originally made for PDM included: CB's against uncivs now scale down in infamy cost as the game progresses, and become even cheaper (or free!) once the Scramble for Africa event fires. The AI will use wargoals with a bit more restriction.
    • Uncivs have had their reforms updated and expanded for the 1861 scenario
    • New cultures: Breton, Occitan, Western Slavic, Ijaw, Bashong, Harari and Kefficho. Also, some cultures have been moved into new culture groups: Jewish Cultures, Far East Asian, Arabic and Albanian.
    • Patriot Rebels: nationalists that will arise when their home nation exists, in an effort to rejoin their homeland.
    • Possible Unions: Arabia, Czechoslovakia (by decision), Durrani Empire, Gran Colombia, Indonesia, Yugoslavia (by decision), many Indian sub-unions such as Hindustan, Marathas and Dravidistan
    • Incorporation of the Great War mod
    • Japan has been split into daimyos, substates of the Tokugawa Shogunate. An event chain leading up the Meiji Restoration and the Boshin War replaces the use of the modifier that existed previously in vanilla.
    • Oranje and Transvaal no longer exist at the 1836 start. Instead, the "Great Trek" events will create Natalia, Oranje and Transvaal in turn. They have decisions to create South Africa as well as events for the Anglo-Boer War.
    • A second American Civil War, should the USA become non-democratic after the first ACW
    • African colonies have their cores created by decision, creating a tag with the colonizer's primary culture, and which "spreads" to nearby colonial regions.
    • Event chain for the French Revolution of 1848 and the rise of Napoleon III. The Springtime of Nations events have been revamped and made stronger than in vanilla.
    • The Berlin Congress event chain, which can lead to a break-up of the Ottoman Empire
    • An event chain for the Oriental Crisis, when Egypt declares its independence from the Ottoman Empire
    • Chinese event chains for the First Opium War, Second Opium War, the Taiping Rebellion, and the Warlord Era
    • An event chain for the Crimean War and the following War of Romanian Independence
    • The Schleswig-Holstein Question events from PDM
    • Events for the Oregon Treaty, the Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo and the Spanish-American War
    • Event chain for the Peru-Bolivian Confederation and its possible dissolution
    • Independence events for British Dominions and many others
    • "The Great Game" event chain for a GP Russia and British Empire, leading them to take over Central Asian nations
    • Many irredentist decisions for countries to expand their cores
    • Events for the Sepoy Rebellion and the rise of Indian Nationalism
    • Arab Revolt event chain
    • the Mahdist Revolt in Sudan


    version 1.7 (currently in HOTFIX B):
    * Fixed the mobilisation rates for the various new national values.
    * Added a "Military Coup" event which can occasionally cause low-literacy countries with high militancy/large rebellions to have the military take over.
    * Tete region now properly colonial for Portugal, included in Mozambique core spread.
    * Lowered the push factor for the Irish famine modifiers.
    * Annexation of Hawaii decision can only be performed once.
    * North Yemen cores included in the outside formation of Arabia.
    * Fixed the Silesian release decision for Austria, and added Silesian cores to Austrian Silesia at game start.
    * Tokugawa can now properly become Japan after the Boshin War, once they make peace with the Emperor.
    * Moving the Capital event for Japan fixed.

    version 1.6:
    * Added Dalmatia and Lan Xang
    * National Value system from PDM added.
    * Political Leader system from PDM added.
    * Dynamic Cores & Core Removal system from PDM added.
    * Added some workaround events which should stop countries from leaving armies "stranded" in enemy territory, and thus unable to declare war on them.
    * Added "Native Rebels" which can rise up in a post-colonial country and change the Primary Culture to one of the local accepted cultures.
    * Re-worked the Second American Revolution chain-- states no longer secede individually, but as groups. This can also occur during large rebellions. American dictatorships now only suffer through the chain for 10 years.
    * New formation decision for Yugoslavia. Now Yugoslavia starts with less accepted cultures, but can get more with decisions-- and also has decisions to invite other Balkan countries into the union (including Bulgaria and Greece).
    * Unification Humiliate CB (the "Brother's War") now no longer clears the opponent's spheres. It's a much cheaper (and infamy-free) version of Take From Sphere available once you research State & Government.
    * Added a "Free Allied Cores" CB which is a version of Free Peoples which you can use on behalf of allied spherelings-- it's cheaper, costs less Infamy and justifies faster.
    * "Monroe Doctrine" CB added for the USA, useable against European countries which take over territory in Central/South America that they don't begin the game with.
    * "Sahel Jihad" CB added for Sunni nations in the Sahel, allowing them to expand against neighbours.
    * Make Puppet CB now also adds the target into your sphere and can change their government to match yours, if your government is different.
    * Gunboat CB added back in, but useable only by GP's.
    * Humiliate CB now results in an extra chunk of prestige removed from the target-- usually between 20-25% of their total.
    * New CB's added for installing fascism & communism (and installing democracy in fascist/communist dictatorships).
    * Restored restrictions on CB's taking a country's capital state without annexing it-- this was the cause of "ghost" armies/navies remaining after taking a country piecemeal.
    * A bunch of AI restrictions worked into a number of CB's-- particularly Acquire State and Conquest-- to make the AI use these CB's a bit more reasonably.
    * "Great Game" event chain added for Russia and the UK, if both are GP's. It will encourage them to puppet Central Asian countries between India and Russia (and can result in the annexation of some, once they're puppeted). This includes a Great Game CB.
    * Added Neutrality for Switzerland. While it has the Neutrality modifier, the number of CB's which can be invoked against it are very limited (more open up should it become a GP or have colonies). Players do have a "Violate Swiss Neutrality" decision which they can use to remove that modifier from Switzerland at a hefty Infamy cost.
    * "Treaty of London" switched from a Netherlands decision to a British "Mediate Belgian Independence" decision (why would a Netherlands player ever take it?). Both Netherlands and Belgium have the option to refuse.
    * Added new event chains for the Dungan Rebellion, Panthany Rebellion and the Second Opium War for China.
    * Added new Irish event chains: the Irish Potato Famine, the Irish Republican Brotherhood, Home Rule and the Irish War of Independence.
    * Updated the Cochinchina event chain for France, plus several Indochina events/decisions should it get that foothold in Southeast Asia.
    * Imperial Japan now starts as one of the Shogunate's substates (rather than seceding during the Boshin War). Updated all the decisions, plus made a surviving Shogunate more playable.
    * Fixed the Romanian War of Independence chain, so it should now actually fire (if Crimean War events end up following historical lines).
    * Revamped the French Revolution event chain.
    * Removed German cores from Alsace-Lorraine. These are added when NGF or SGF is formed-- and are required for NGF or SGF to form Germany (they are now the only way to do so-- one cannot skip NGF/SGF to form Germany any longer).
    * Socialist/Fascist events revamped, added some new events to spread Communism.
    * Lots of minor and major bug fixes.

    version 1.5:
    * Added Assyria, Greenland, Romagna, and Tarasco
    * Added new Malaya union country
    * Added a number of colonial cores which can be placed by decision. These cores will assume the primary culture of the colonizer, and will have accepted cultures for those present in their regions. The cores can "spread" into nearby controlled colonies, to avoid completely fixed borders. Someone taking over a colony can re-organize it, replacing the core's primary culture with their own. The added tags: Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Congo Free State, Gabon, Gambia, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Tanganyika, Togo, and Zambia.
    * Added an event for Austrian dissolution if it loses its main cores. Also, if Austria-Hungary loses Vienna it will turn into Hungary.
    * The AI will now no longer target European provinces for conquering unless it's fascist/communist (this doesn't apply to acquiring cores or unification wars).
    * Re-organized a bunch of regions, making them a more uniform size-- as was done in PDM.
    * The UK has a "Retreat from India" event if they are at war with a civilized Indian power who has occupied most of British India.
    * Boosted the Mohammad Ali's Reforms modifier to allow mobilization and boost Egypt tax efficiency
    * Fixed the bug in the full acceptance portion of the Danubian Federation events
    * changed the French monarchy flag to match the republican flag
    * moved the Levant out of Africa and into Asia.
    * re-fixed the vanilla bug with provinces that begin with X having lower case
    * fixed the new inventions to not use PDM NV's.
    * fixed some starting cores
    * removed Darfur/Waddai as starting nations, reduced size of several others in Africa
    * Fixed the bug where the "Claim" decisions would repeat endlessly.
    * The Levant is now actually moved into Asia.
    * Mozambique and Angola given accepted cultures.
    * The Boshin War events will now speed up if they're taking too long to fire.
    * Fixed the draft modifier used by Taiping to be useful for an unciv.
    * The Crimean War decision now properly sets the global flag.
    * The UK will no longer turn into England prior to being dismantled (and thus preventing the dismantling).
    * Added decisions for England to reclaim and reform the UK.
    * Added the GTFO decisions (to allow a player to release spherelings and vassals).
    * Removed the Islamic Caliphate.
    * Fixed the "Reorganize Chad" decision.
    * ENG core no longer added to St. Pierre & Miquelon.
    * "Retreat from India" event now will put newly-released Indian minors in an Indian GP's sphere.
    * German pan-nationalists will now only be annexed by Prussia if it's a neighbor.
    * Reforms added to Taiping.
    * Some tags which were marked as uncivs have been fixed.
    * Added some forgotten localizations for decisions.

    version 1.4:
    * Added Zaydi/North Yemen, Pontus and Cilicia
    * Added the new unions: Danubian Federation, Iberia, La Plata, Transcaucasia, Arab Union, Maghreb and Islamic Caliphate
    * Revamped the Ottoman Empire, allowing for it to grow into a multicultural union or fall apart into chaos as it did historically
    * made the Treaty of London operate by event, and also allow for Belgium to force a different treaty if it wins a war and occupies Amsterdam
    * Egypt now starts off stronger, but can lose a lot of its reforms if it loses the Oriental Crisis
    * revamped the Liberal Revolution modifiers to add more militancy.
    * added inventions that increase/decrease the org gain rate for new rebel types.
    * changed Austrian cores to correspond to the German Confederation. Added events to cover the possibility to Austria being in a position to form Germany or join Germany but it cannot because it owns non-Austrian cores, in which case an event chain begins which can lead to it either forging ahead (with great increase in infamy), releasing non-Austrian cores as vassals or giving up on Greater Germany (which Germany can respond to by claiming German-majority provinces in Austria, also at a great infamy increase).
    * Added an event for the formation of Israel which will cause Ashkenazi and Sephardic pops to emigrate to it, as well as anger neighboring Arab states.
    * Added an event chain for vassals which demand their freedom, and which can eventually start a war of independence if refused
    * Added a new event chain if the CSA doesn't secede and you get into the late 1860's without an ACW-- the north will grow angry at the stalemate and demand reforms to the constitution. Either way, it will anger a side. If that doesn't fire the ACW, then eventually the north will secede from the USA as the "Free States of America" and a different civil war event chain will begin.
    * Lots of fixes for dismantling events, some events which fired too often and other smaller issues

    version 1.3:
    * Added Maritimes Union, Carlist Spain, Sardinia, Savoy, Libya and Aotearoa.
    * Added the remainder of the rebel types from PDM.
    * Added Mormon pops, who will move to Salt Lake City via event once the USA takes its cores there.
    * Added new Canadian Confederation events-- Canada begins only with cores on Lower Canada, and may gain cores on Quebec and the Maritimes through events (if it doesn't, those countries can be released separately by the UK and either join Canada then or join the USA if in its sphere). Rupert's Land may be sold to Canada a few years after its release, and British Columbia may petition to join Confederation then (again, if it doesn't it will eventually be released on its own).
    * Added a slough of new events for the Carlist rebels, which can turn Spain into Carlist Spain if they succeed.
    * Added the new National Unification events/decisions from PDM, including a peaceful route for Scandinavia (achieving cores after the Political Union decision is taken), Austria only being able to become Germany if it either loses its non-German cores or it becomes SGF, Italy only getting pan-nationalist rebels once Sardinia takes the "March of the Thousand" decision or any other Italian state taking the "Call for Italian Unity" decision. Both Italy and NGF get events to help them unify if they are delayed.
    * Added the Liberal Revolutions events from PDM, which includes the Hungarian Revolution and the French Revolution.
    * Added a bunch of minor events from PDM which affected various countries-- too numerous to list here.
    * Bunch of fixes to the Boer War and Boshin War events/decisions.
    * Russia's "Peking Convention" decision should now work correctly.
    * The "Repay Debts" CB has been removed.
    * Added the new adjacencies file from version 1.1 back in now that the map folder works in mods again.

    version 1.2:
    * Removed Oranje and Transvaal from the 1836 scenario (they still exist in the 1861 scenario). Changed the setup for the region. There are now events to bring those Boer states (and Natalia) into existence, as well as events/decisions for claiming Boer territory and forming a Boer-led South Africa. Revamped the event for the Anglo-Boer War.
    * Fixed the Oregon Treaty to only apply to western states (not Maine).
    * Fixed the vanilla capitalization bug for the Xhosa and all provinces starting with "x".
    * Fixed Wakayama to use "tea" as tradegood.
    * Used the validator to go through and fix a lot of bugs, some small and a couple big, which should hopefully help with the random crashes.

    version 1.1:

    * Added Shogunate Japan and the daimyo substates, as well as all Boshin War event chains.
    * Made the United Baltic Provinces a decision-activated union (not a cultural union).
    * Moved the polish cultural union back to Poland. included Polish states for the union, and a decision to become Poland-Lithuania.
    * Updated the Great War mod to compatibility with beta patch 2.3.
    * Removed references to QNG from the cb_types file (legacy from PDM).
    * Updated the Boer War events to point to the correct event id's.
    * Fixed "Become Guatemala" decision to correctly reduce relations with Mexico.
    * Fixed bracket error in China Events and the Great War folder, which may have made them work incorrectly.
    * Romania may now be formed by Austria and the Ottoman Empire.
    * The Form Yugoslavia decision has been made easier.
    * Oriental Crisis main CB is now Make Puppet.
    * Egypt and Persia's starting reforms reduced.
    * Fixed the starting governments for Florida, Georgia and Arkansas.

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    help i get an error when i load the game. The read reads: could not open common/countries/Taiping.txt. I download the basic version of new nations mod and i have the latest patch for ahd. Are the installation files missing something?

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    I probably skipped over it in the OP, but is this compatible with APD?

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    the name of the trend implies that it is

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Rifleman View Post
    I probably skipped over it in the OP, but is this compatible with APD?
    No-- most of NNM is included with APD, however, so it's not really needed. The only thing you won't get in APD are all the starting African countries. A separate compatible mod-mod will be done for APD fairly soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexab6 View Post
    help i get an error when i load the game. The read reads: could not open common/countries/Taiping.txt. I download the basic version of new nations mod and i have the latest patch for ahd. Are the installation files missing something?
    It sounds like you don't actually have the 2.21 beta patch-- if you did, then Taiping would load (as that's a country included in the beta patch and is not one of NNM's).

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    Is it possible to have a start date in which all nations are released and puppets independant? of course, I can jump from one nation to another and start releasing nations, but that leaves puppets under their master's control, and it's harder to declare wars for their independance in AHD.
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    I would also appreciate such a scenario.

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    If someone wishes to make such a scenario, then feel free.

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    a suggestion for Brazil for NNM and APD. The VIP mod did that in Vic1.

    the "Cabanagem" Rebelion on Belem Province, in 1836 start.


    and if possible, add some navy to Brazil in 1836. We have some pretty navy in that age. Look at VIP mod, they did the right thing.

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    I don't have VIP, so if you'd like to tell me what naval units they had, that would help.

    Doubt I'd add in another rebellion, as they abut we'll see.

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    Rylock- or others,

    How would I release lets say Pennsylvania? like I know the cores arent available from the start but still where is the event giving them cores

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsman1219 View Post
    How would I release lets say Pennsylvania? like I know the cores arent available from the start but still where is the event giving them cores
    It's part of the Disunited States event, which appears only if the USA becomes non-democratic after the ACW. You don't want to fire that event, as that will kick off the Second ACW. I've added a link in the second post for you to download and use if you want to add all those cores right at the beginning of the game.

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    You work hard Rylock, nice one!

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    great mod i love to play it, sadly my game broke 1917 (ctd)
    this occur only with this mod. any idea what i can do to fix it?


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    Quote Originally Posted by NightfieXIV View Post
    great mod i love to play it, sadly my game broke 1917 (ctd)
    this occur only with this mod. any idea what i can do to fix it?
    You'd need to give me a bit more info. "My game crashed" is not really enough to go by.

    If you could explain what's going on in your game, I might be able to discern where the crash is. Also, is the crash repeatable? Does it happen on the same day every time you reload, or is it just random? Taking a look in your My Documents\NNF\Logs folder, there's a "game" file that lists all the events which have run... what does the last line say, and is it the same line every time this crash occurs?

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    oh fast answer,

    the crash repeat on the same day 20.July 1917 when i reload the latest save game. Not when i load a earlier save, than the crash came on another day (then always the same).

    i play greek
    in the current situation a "Kaffan-Sidaman War of Honor is going on and a War Justification: Aquire State UK to Venezuela is in progress

    here are my game log:

    [[ Launching SINGLEPLAYER-game ]]
    Start-date: 1917.7.1
    Country: Greece

    [messagehandler.h:332]: 1 July, 1917: Baden has increased their relations with Switzerland.
    [messagehandler.h:332]: 2 July, 1917: Hail has increased their relations with us.
    [messagehandler.h:332]: 2 July, 1917: Krakow has increased their relations with North German Federation.
    [messagehandler.h:332]: 2 July, 1917: Egypt broke their Alliance with Italy.
    [messagehandler.h:332]: 6 July, 1917: Railroad has been built in Sivas.
    [messagehandler.h:332]: 9 July, 1917: Railroad has been built in Erzurum.
    [messagehandler.h:332]: 11 July, 1917: Railroad has been built in Trabzon.
    [messagehandler.h:332]: 11 July, 1917: The United Kingdom has discredited Egypt, we will be less influenced by them
    [messagehandler.h:332]: 13 July, 1917: Event: 'All men were created equal' in 'Immigration Problems' for Bavaria.
    [messagehandler.h:332]: 13 July, 1917: Austria convinced Baden to ban the ambassadors from North German Federation.
    [messagehandler.h:332]: 17 July, 1917: Event: 'There are no Gods!' in 'Gods, Guns & Men' for Bulgaria.

    the crash occour 3 days after the last log
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    Hmm. No, nothing on that list looks responsible.

    Send me the save game and I'll take a look at it.

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