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Thread: Quill18 vs The World: 900 Years of Bloodshed [Let's Play]

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    Lightbulb Quill18 vs The World: 900 Years of Bloodshed [Let's Play]

    Heya folks!

    I host a moderately popular YouTube channel dedicated to Let's Plays and other gaming commentaries, primarily for strategy and sim games. I've recently started a project in which I will be playing through a series of four Paradox games in order to experience a single contiguous slice of history: Crusader Kings II (11th-15th century), Europa Universalis III (15th-19th century), Victory II (19th-20th century), and Hearts of Iron III (20th century). It will be slightly out of order, as CK2 wasn't out when the project started.

    These games will be streamed live (http://twitch.tv/quill18), then posted on YouTube (http://youtube.com/quill18).

    The EU3 (England) campaign is complete, and is being posted to this playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL643FF17A29C05991

    The CK2 (Castille) campaign is in progress and the next live stream will be later this week. Videos will start appearing on YouTube once all the EU3 content is online. I'm currently taking suggestions for which nation to play in Victoria 2 (http://towerdive.com/2012/02/27/who-...in-victoria-2/).

    -- quill18

    P.S. Despite owning ALL THE PARADOX GAMES, I've never really dedicated myself to them before and I'm still extremely noob. Any advice is immensely appreciated.

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    best LP's ever. looking forward to your victoria2 lp!

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    So, I haven't watched any yet (I intend to, FYI, look forward to it), but how is it contiguous through all four games if you start in the middle? :P
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