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Thread: Darkest Hour - Modern Warfare (WIP!)

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    I suggest that TehBoss joins Modders United

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xie View Post
    I suggest that TehBoss joins Modders United
    Modders United? Whats that?

    Also just a FWI, this is not dead, I am just taking a little break.

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    You do realize that Finland lost Karelia to Russia? Please give Sortavala, Terijoki, Petsamo and Viipuri/Vyborg to Russia. Other than that, your map is pretty correct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TehBoss View Post
    Modders United? Whats that?

    Also just a FWI, this is not dead, I am just taking a little break.
    The brainchild of a modder who doesn't have internet access, yet releases his mod solely via e-mail and still accesses this forum.

    Jokes aside, it's the concept some user had about combining a bunch of mods to prevent failure (or, loss of work when mods die), though I don't think any major players are a part of it at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T.j. Arnold View Post
    The brainchild of a modder who doesn't have internet access, yet releases his mod solely via e-mail and still accesses this forum.
    Maybe no internet access at home? So he goes to a cybercafe thing.

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    i believe he said he had a phone he uploaded the file with after he'd done it on his pc.

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    Suggested WW3 flashpoints(these were not written by me but by makif130289 but still pretty useful, however I did change some of the events to match current tensions and make them compatible for DH):

    Middle East:

    2011-- Arab Spring
    Late-2011-early 2012 --Islamists win post-Revolution elections
    Early 2012--Point of divergence in Asia---the Anti-Mainland DPP wins Taiwan elections, causing tensions with China(In reality, Kuomintang party won the elections but I needed to do a point of divergence for WW3)
    2012 -- Israel bombs Iran if sanctions don't work
    Mid-2012 -- Egyptian surprise attack on Israel in retaliation, Israeli air strike on Iranian military bases, Iran launches Shabab missiles on Israel, US and Israel declares war on Iran with the Arab world rallying to Iran's defence
    Late-2012 -- Chinese ultimatum to Taiwan, US intervenes and WW3 is on!

    South Ossetia:

    2008 -- Georgian authorities enter South Ossetia and kills few Russian soldiers, Russia attacks Georgia. After Georgian Army is beaten off, NATO countries demand withdrawal of Russian Army from Georgia. At this point, if Russian player has the choice to continue military operations, NATO will intervene in favor of Georgia.


    2010 -- North Korea sink South Korean ship, North Korea ask support from China, Chinese player may choose to support North Korea. With US support, South Korea conduct air strikes on North Korean military ports. At this point, if Chinese player has the decision to conduct military strikes in South Korea as a retaliation. North Korean ground forces cross the 38th Parallel and escalates the tension.

    Russian intervention in Belarus:

    2007 -- Russian - Belarus energy dispute
    mid-2007 -- If Russian player has necessary political stance a decision will be available for Russian intelligence try to topple Lukashenko with a coup. Lukashenko realizing the coup, send away all Russian advisers in Belarus and arrest some of them. Russian Army intervenes in Belarus. EU countries send ultimatum to Russia.

    Deadline for WW3 events to launch should be December 21, 2012(see the significance?).

    If tensions are high, 2012 event fires. The early flashpoints should not fire in a normal game as all nations choose historical route.
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    Great Scenarios sugested for me

    1992:The Beggining of all.

    1999:The New Millenium

    2001:Twilight of Gods

    2005:The Fall of the Eagle

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    I suggest you install IC over Darkest Hour(is it possible?) and use that map instead. It adds more territories and can thus simulate Proxy wars better then DH map. Otherwise you'd get the major nations pwning lesser or weaker nations in 5-sec when realistically the war in which it happens lasted longer then that.

    Also add a December 21st 2012 WW3 scenario for those who want to jump into the action immediately suppose the developer uses makif130289's WW3 flashpoints. Default WW3 flashpoint is the Middle East one and my "The World Today" scenario begins on January 1st 2012 and does not feature instant WW3.

    Finally for larger nations such as the US, Russia or China I suggest that tehboss adds 2-4 releasable nations for those interested in Balkinizing/caving up these nations if they are conquered. It feels kinda unrealistic if someone conquers the whole US or China and releases it as a "super-puppet" so I suggest that some large nations can be split into smaller nations after they are conquered.

    Also I suggest using a "sanction/embargo" system. Many MDS AAR's I find deal with resurgent empires, rise of Fourth Reich, or re-militarization of Japan. Realistically it should be harder. For example if either of these happens:

    1)nation x is a "rival ideology" to the dominant bloc(either left or right wing)
    2)nation x has a high belligerence
    3)nation x has relations faction leader of faction with the most VP worse than -150

    1 and 3 will lead to sanctions, 2 will most likely lead to military intervention. Making the struggle for World Hegemony hard but rewarding if you can pull if off!

    The faction/bloc with the most VPs will sanction the emerging empire, so at the start it's NATO that will initiate the sanctions. However if Shanghai Pact defeats NATO and has more VPs it will carry out sanctions/embargo. The sanctions cause IC drops, decreases resource output rate and causes tech slowdown in your country. If a nation is strong enough with sufficient IC it might resist these sanctions as they will do little to slow it. Furthermore, China and Russia won't be sanctioned according to these conditions as they probably are powerful enough to stop it and can veto these sanctions in the UN) and for the most part it exists for minor nations or resurgent empires.

    Some nations such as Iran, Cuba, DPRK and some African dictatorships start out the game as sanctioned.

    I have a tech tree for this mod if we can't, or aren't allowed to use the MDS tech tree. And I edited post #147 to add a "Point of Divergence" that increases tensions for the normal WW3 flashpoint.

    Also give Russia more IC, as Russia always gets pwned if it's controlled by AI. It's MDS2 IC is just so low.
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    Sorry for the double post but what does everyone think of my ideas? Also the earlier WW3 flashpoints before 2012 require a high interventionalism to be selected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gukpa View Post
    2001:Twilight of Gods

    2005:The Fall of the Eagle
    Why the dates and why the names?
    Slaughter is the best medicine

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    Quote Originally Posted by TehBoss View Post
    Hmm,if you want to be accurate,there should be a seprete nation in gaza,as it is ruled by hamas wich is more or less and iranian proxy.
    Btw,when Israel left gaza they gave it to the fatah,their rule there lasted 1 day before hamas took over,and this is why they hate eachother.
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    Also they should be in control of Golan province

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    When it be ready

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    My english is not very good, but if you need any help with Poland just give me some info what you need, and I will be working.

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    Any Updates?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommo8993 View Post
    Any Updates?
    Dead I'm afraid.................

    Plus it was only one person doing the work......

    To make a MDS map we need a team of modders like Modders United. Every single MDS mod is a solo project here. We need to get a few people, and perhaps some people who gave up into one team and work on the MDS mod.

    Chances are we might need a new IC-sized map. But that's simply too much work and if we use a WW3 plot to branch off from MDS, that wouldn't be needed.

    I hope this guy comes back and uploads his map atleast.
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    It's not dead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Supeerme View Post
    It's not dead.

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    If you make an alternate story to israel I can offer this map. If you think about many things, this could also be a plan to them.

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