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    Rookie Trading Guide

    Hello and welcome to the Rookie Trading Guide! As Iīm sure you all know, HOITCG lets you trade with another players to get the cards you want and you donīt have. However, lost of newbies donīt want to trade, fearing other players might fool them when entering trade, or just donīt feel comfortable when having to decide which card to ask in case of an offer. For this, we decided to make a little trading guide, trying to give some guidelines on what you should consider when entering trade.

    Fisrt of all: be patient! If you are not sure about a trade, donīt close it. You can always ask veteran players for advice, or wait for a better offer. Nobody forces you to trade, so itīs always a good idea to have a plan on what you want to sell and what you want to buy.

    As you know, cards are divided into rarity: ultrarares (****), rares (***), uncomons (**) and commons (*). Normally, people tend to think that a rare x rare trade is always fair, as you are exchanging cards of the same type. However, this is not always true.

    Why? Because not every card has the same value, even if we are talking of cards of the same rarity. As you will be able to see later, there are rare cards more demanded or valuables than others (because of its usefullnesss or difficulty to find). For this, we decided to make a little list to serve as a rookie guide, dividing rares and ultrarares into different tiers, each one responding to its more or less true prize. That way, a tier 1-tier 2 exchange can be considered as fair, but not a tier 1- tier 5 exchange, as one player is receiving a much less valuable card.

    However, keep one thing in mind: this is just orientational. We are not talking about absolute values, as some players can prefer one card to another in base of his decks or his collection, and also some cards tend to get in fashion in specific moments. So, if you want to use this guide for your trades, always remember we are just giving a little orientation on trade, and not a law to be followed strictly, so always use your own criteria.

    Also, iīd like to warn that we are not including Hidden and Dangerous cards edition, as they are harder to get and therefore discussion over their values has still to be solved in future arguments.

    And...thatīs all! I hope we have been able to help you in your trades, as now you will get a better vision of what they are offering you for your cards. Play nicely, trade smartly, and win!

    ULTRARARES (4 Stars)

    Tier 1 (most valuables):

    Erwin Rommel
    Artillery Smoke
    Petlyakov PE-2

    Tier 2:

    Georgy Zhukov

    Tier 3 (Less valuables):

    George Patton

    RARES (3 stars)

    Tier 1(more valuables):

    SS Panzergrenadier
    M7 Priest
    SMG Infantry

    Tier 2:

    Strategic Bombing
    Deep Operation
    Victor Target

    Tier 3 :

    Human Wave
    NKVD Border Troops
    Counterbattery Fire
    Preemptive Strike
    Panzer V Panther
    Forward Observer

    Tier 4 :

    Panzer VI Tiger
    Sherman Firefly
    85mm Air Defence Gun
    C47 Skytrain
    P51 Mustang

    Tier 5 :
    17 Pounder ATG
    JU-87 G-2 Kannonenvogel
    M18 Hellcat
    Sherman Jumbo
    B24 Liberator
    Officer Attrition

    Tier 6 (less valuables):

    Fire Supperiority
    Massive Attack
    Propaganda Machine
    Overhead Cover
    57mm ZIS 2 ATG
    Daimler AC

    UNCOMMONS (2 stars)

    Uncommons is a tricky one. Experienced players will tell you that any uncommon per uncommon trade is a fair deal (remember, we are not including Hidden and dangerous edition) depending on your needs and demand.


    Ok, you revised the list, but still donīt know how many rares you can ask for an ultrarare, or how many uncommons for a rare. Stating this value itīs even more difficult, mainly because it can be a low value ultrarare or a high one, and therefore the number of cards you can ask for it varies. However, we can say that normally, an ultrarare is worth at least 2 rare cards, and a rare is worth at least 2-3 uncommons. The exact number of cards you will finally ask for it will depend on each card individual value and, of corse, the interest of each player in completing that trade.

    And well....this concludes our little guide; we hope it may serve you during your trades! I would like to thank all the players who have collaborated in making this guide (see above) and, of course, the developers of this great game. See you!


    Guide written by: Nachopontmercy, Robotron, Delta107, Narfi, Poppis, Tvremote84, Panther 2, Telesma, Meinkrieg, Spannbeton, Dotto1979 and Enolc.
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    Uncommons are readily divided into two groups: starter and non-starter. Non-starters, obviously, are much more valuable, starter ones rarely having a much higher price than a common card.

    On the other hand there is difference in demand for both starters and non-starters. I have been able to sell ZiS-3 and Katiushas quite successfully in the past (as every Comintern player needs 5 of both, since they're the staple of most decks), while my overcard YaKs have been gathering dust for months (since they see only limited use). Same goes with non-starter cards: Comintern Maxim HMG, Engineer and IL-2 are more valuable than Cavalry or BT-5 or Fire Plan which ARE sought after, but are not as good or versatile.

    Still, I think the card's being starter or non-starter is the primary criterion for determining its value.

    EDIT: Come think of it, there probably would be a continuum:

    Weaker Starters --> Stronger Starters --> Weaker Non-Starters --> Stronger Non-Starters

    where if a trade is conducted between cards from non-adjacent groups it could be considered a rip-off.
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    Our Hidden and Dangerous value list is here! All credits should go to Narfi, who made the whole list and published it. Please do not discuss it in this thread; if you wanna do so, use the "When rarity is not worth it" thread.

    As before, cards are divided into different tiers depending on their value, but please remember that it is also an orientative guide. As for their comparation with 1st edition cards, its a matter still in discussion; certain players would never trade an HD rare for a 1st edition one, and some others would feel allright about it. Use your own judgement!


    Tier 1 (just 1 as we didnīt find too much value difference between them)

    Albert Kesselring
    Keith Park
    Ivan Chernyakhovsky
    Klotzen, nicht kleckern


    Tier 1 (more valuables)

    25 pounder

    Tier 2

    Tupolev Tu-2
    Henschel Hs-123

    Tier 3

    Prewar tank fleet
    Quantity has a quality of its own
    Rear area flak
    No Quarters
    Infiltration Tactics
    Steel Umbrella

    Tier 4 (less valuables)

    SS Nebelwerfer
    Massed Guns
    Air Supperiority
    Operation Strangle
    Command Confusion


    As said in the first post, uncommons are tricky . Experienced players will tell you that any uncommon per uncommon trade is a fair deal depending on your needs and demand, and having in mind than HD uncommons may be slighty more valuable than the 1st edition ones.
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    well petlyakov2 is so much worse than tu2 or even il2.

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    This is completely irrelevant here, not to mention the fact that Pe is the best Comintern bomber to use with plane-on-plane doctrines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nachopontmercy View Post
    Please do not discuss it in this thread; if you wanna do so, use the "When rarity is not worth it" thread.
    Please,lets get the discussion out of this thread, we can always make our suggestions in the other one and edit this one. Thank you.

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