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Thread: Finally!

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    I have finally been able to play a game to turn 70 without a crash, I have been able to defeat or survive Specter encounters, have managed to get tech without a constant 1% continuation fail on feasibility.

    Finally! It looks to me as if I might actually enjoy this game. I am just hoping UI, Diplomacy, and a few other tech stuff is fixed soon.

    It has been a long hard fight for me not to throw this game out write it off as a loss and move on, but it looks like there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Not bright but definitely a strong glow.

    Well, back to the game and hopefully several wasted hours of my life playing this game. <Only true gamers would appreciate this statement.>

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    I too have been playing this weekend and enjoying myself.

    I got one crash in about 6 hours, not worse than some other games.

    The game is playable and enjoyable, but does still need some work.

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    I have enjoyed it when I have played but so far have ran into 2 game stopping crashes in the 100's. Can't get past them, frustrating to go back.

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    Playing humans is no fun for me. Im getting lots of missions not completing properly and fleets left stuck in a loop!
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    interface messy.
    Too crap in overall for me to enjoy but happy you are.
    It's a total loss for me so far. Starting to think I should give my first real try 1 yr from now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GShock View Post
    Starting to think I should give my first real try 1 yr from now.
    I was gone for 2 months and unfortunately I'm starting to think like you. Sad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amadeu of Savoy View Post
    I was gone for 2 months and unfortunately I'm starting to think like you. Sad.
    unfortunately same here, I just can't enjoy this game right now.

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    Gave it a run

    I gave it a run. Multiple crashes in combat. Seemed to have something to do with having ships change levels to upper or lower. AI still doesn't defend itself. Doesn't seem to build platforms. Doesn't research better weapons. Waiting for next patch. If an AI doesn't defend itself even remotely adequately its not a game. Seriously, if the AI just randomly researched techs and threw together ship hull sections with the best weapons available it would do a better job than this AI is doing.

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