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Thread: Trolley bus silliness

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    Trolley bus silliness

    Just got to the first New York scenario, and I'm using the trolley bus for the first time. It's extremely half-assed. You can build trolley bus wires across grass and the bus will happily follow. And, you cannot build wires on a street with a median at all. I'm very disappointed in this DLC. The main game, Tokyo and Germany were pretty bug free, but the US is just sloppy.

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    Trolley buses are actually trams with a different track model, just as monorails are actually trams mixed with elevated metro code.

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    However, trolley bus are not supposed to run off-tracks, neither to don't work on avenues...

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    It's the engine limitations appearing. Probably time to make a new one or improve the actual

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    New one to make CiM2 way more awesome.

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