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Thread: Change distributor?

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    Change distributor?

    I originally bought the game and all the additional content with Impulse. Which was then bought out by Gamestop. Since then Gamestop had burned me on too many games (Stronghold 3, Heroes of Might and Magic 6) by selling games that were buggy as hell, or in HoMM6 case full price for a demo version. Nevermind Gamestop also seems to be the last to ever receive patches from many companies.

    I see the US stars and Stripe content. I am interested in playing it. Of course Gamestop still does not have it available either. I would rather buy it from somewhere beside Gamestop. However mixing companies does not quite work. So is there any way to take my serial numbers and move them to Steam?

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    Sadly, no there isn't. I have the same problems as you, I would rather have my Hoi3 on Gamersgate or Steam, but that would mean having to buy everything again.

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    I figured as much. Guess I have to wait until Gamestop gets it, because while I like the game, I do not see the point in spending $30 to get them all again for Steam. The whole point to buying digitally is so you never have to buy another copy.

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    I've had just the opposite problem -good service from Impulse; terrible service from GG.

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