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Thread: Son recieving claim from mother?

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    Son recieving claim from mother?

    I'm confused about the rules regarding how a child inherits a claim from his/her parents. I play as the Dynasty of Poitou (originally Duke of Aquitaine, now King of France) and I married my eldest son to a Duchess in the Kingdom of Leon in a regular marriage. This Duchess has a claim on the Kingdom of Leon which "can be inherited through succession". They got 3 kids (2 girls and 1 boy), all three still being infants. My current ruler died resulting in this son becoming the King of France. I then notice that none of his kids have a claim on the Kingdom of Leon, but his son has a claim on the Kingdom of France from his father.
    I am confused as to why the claim on KoLeon wasn't passed on from their mother. I checked, and she still has the claim. Does she have to die before they get it?
    I don't understand the mechanics because the above mentioned son's mother was member of the Capet house and passed on a claim on the County of Paris to the son.

    I use A-C Primogen succession if that matters.

    Also note that this is not about getting in line for inheritance for the Kingdom of Leon, I just want my next ruler to have a legitimate claim on the KoLeon so I can invade them and unite the two crowns under one ruler.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michn View Post
    Does she have to die before they get it?
    I believe so.

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    Yes, the person with the claim needs to die for the claim to pass on to his/her sucessors, that of course ONLY if the claim can be inherited by sucessors.
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    Great, thx for the replies. Guess I'll just wait for her to produce a few more heirs just in case and then kill her off for a better alliance (she isn't duchess anymore).

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