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Thread: How to get my own vassals to rebel?

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    How to get my own vassals to rebel?

    I've got a few vassals whose titles I want. What's the best way to go about it? I assume getting them to rebel would be best since you can revoke a title for free. I can't use my chancellor to "sow dissent" as it doesn't seem to work with your own vassals. The only alternatives I can think of are:

    - spam assassination attempts, but I don't actually want to kill them! Plus getting discovered hurts my rep, so I may as well simply revoke.
    - jester title. Only provides a -10 opinion hit. Not worth it.
    - mobilie their levy for a long time. Probably my best option, but seems very gamey.
    - spam feasts, hunts etc. and hope I get a few events that negatively influence their opinion.

    Any thoughts?

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    Give them a duchy title and none of the land associated with it. This will work well, but it might be annoying revoking their or their heir's title to the duchy later on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ambigore View Post
    - mobilie their levy for a long time. Probably my best option, but seems very gamey.
    Well since getting your own vassals to rebel on purpose is already gamey, I don't see why you can't just do this option.

    You could also:

    * Assign them to your council, then immediately fire them.
    * Ask them to teach one of your children, then immediately pull them back.
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    I don't think there is anything gamey about getting your vassals to rebel on purpose - there are historical examples of rulers pissing off some of their vassals on purpose, provoking them to rebel so their titles can be taken. What other purpose does the Jester title serve than to piss off the recipient?

    For the OP, other things that work:
    - If they are male, appoint them to the council and then fire them from it,
    - Try sowing discontent in their province
    - If they are involved in a plot, try to imprison them. If you fail then - voila - they rebel (just make sure not to send your marshall there or otherwise increase the chance of imprisonment). If you succeed, release them immediately - they will still hate you for being imprisoned.
    - Give them your children to foster and then immediately take them away.
    - Arrange bethrothal with them and immediately break if off.

    You may also try to temporarily keep more counties/holdings that your demesne limit allows or keep more duchies as a King - that will make all vassals pissed off, not just the selected ones, but if you want several of them to rebel, that could be a good way for that extra push.

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