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Thread: The Gears of WaAAR : A German Industrial deck AAR

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    The Gears of WaAAR : A German Industrial deck AAR

    The Gears of WaAAR

    A German Industrial Deck AAR


    This AAR will showcase my fantastic little industry heavy deck It relies on rapid Infra boosts and a large number of industry cards to feed my industrial needs and produce high priced but highly effective units.

    Deck Characteristics
    - Total 65 Cards
    - Uses an unconventional 50/50 factory setup
    - Only 6 total H&D cards (5 mines + 1 ME)
    - 2 doctrines (ME + CA)
    - Heavy on high priced units
    - Heavy mine count for delay tactics

    If you have any comments about the AAR or questions about the deck by all means you can post here

    Thanks to Tvremote for giving a really good battle.

    Chapter 1 : The March To Kursk
    Chapter 2 : The Red Horde
    Chapter 3 : Soviet Massive Attack
    Chapter 4 : Tipping the Balance
    Status Report I
    Chapter 5 : Operation Fall Westen
    Chapter 6 : Counter-Offensive
    Chapter 7 : Glory, Blood, and Steel
    Final Report
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    Gears of WaAAR! : A German Industrial Deck AAR (A glimpse into a card game that once was the best ever card game iv played to date)

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    Chapter 1 : The March to Kursk

    German troops and tanks on the move towards Kursk

    It is 1943, and the German offensive is practically all but exhausted. The Soviets have begun to recover from the earlier years of onslaught and prepare themselves for a counter punch to knock out the German army out of Russia and drive deep into Germany herself. However the Germans will not allow the Soviets to recover, as we gather are forces in large numbers to trap and destroy the Russian forces near Kursk. The good news is that Albert Speer head of German armaments production, has been so successful our churning out tanks and weapons for our men, that with just sheer productive power I forces should crush the enumerable might of the Soviet forces at Kursk!

    Our current standing army at Kursk is rather small as we are still waiting for the rest of our army group to arrive, however our forces have high confidence in Speer that he will provide our men with the massive reserve of tanks and guns to fuel our powerful assault against the Soviet positions. The few German troops available move in closer towards Kursk to get a better view of the enemy position. Just as night fall begins the Troops were ordered to lay down mines to draw the line of battle. From here they will stand in line awaiting reinforcements before crossing into enemy territory. Back on the home front Speer gave the order to to expand their factory base as he clamored that this is the only way we can support the ever increasing needs of our men on the front!

    The following day, some regiments finally arrive on scene, but apart from them there was also several large crates of additional mines made their way to the front lines, once again our men, instead of attacking, were forced to lay down vast swaths of mines and wait for the rest of the troops to arrive. Our forward recon units managed to get a few glimpses of the enemy positions. they report several tanks amassing near Kursk. The Germans almost act as if surprised by this turn of events, they did not expect the enemy to resist with this much material mass.

    By day four, the rest of our troops finally have arrived on the battle scene, as well as the last of the mines that we were order to ship in. With the battle lines set our troops were preparing to move out to meet the enemy until a radio message came in to commander Nymet260... "We got heavy tanks sir! everywhere!" Almost immediately the attack was called off and all personal were ordered to their defensive battle stations. "How can they amass so many tanks so quickly!?" Nymet260 muttered.

    Back on the home front Speer is working frantically, but in just 4 mere days the industrial out put of the war factories at home have nearly 10 folded! Speer gives a sigh of relief before straightening up "Our work as only begun!"

    With the Soviet forces quickly rallied under their confident commander, Tvremote, they proudly stood in battle formation, ready to assault in numbers the Germans have never seen before!
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    Chapter 2 : The Red Horde

    Commander Nymet260 looked onward at the numerous advancing tanks and troops and shouted "Holy S^!t!!! Retreat!!!!" Immediately the German troops abadonded their defensive positions and fell back to higher ground. The roar and the heavy IS2 engines and cheering of the enemy troops can be heard on our retreat.

    Soviet Troops in unimaginable numbers advance forward and securing key positions.

    Once on safe ground Commander Nymet notice how the Soviets advanced their troops and pointed out an area where he believed they left their flank wide open. "There we must counter attack there!" exhausted but complaint the German troops immediately began their counter attack and moved up the flank of the soviet positions almost uncontested.

    Finally as the day comes to a close, we lost more ground then we actually gained. The troops are exhausted and commander Nymet260 is unsure if he can stop this horde of enemies before reinforcements arrive.

    Back at home Speer is once again frantically working to expand the industrial base to meet the needs of commander Nymet260. Once again he took the time to expand his factory infrastructure base to support the the ever growing German industrial might.

    Day 5, as the sun rises another regiment of machine guns and another load of mines make their way to our front lines, but Nymet260 believes he will need not only more time, but more men in order to hold out. Time however is not on his side as the Soviet hordes once again are on the offensive!

    Nymet260 looking through his binoculars at the advance troops screamed "Everyone! Fall back! Fall back!" Once again the Germans were on the retreat, this time behind the safety of their constructed mine fields. Once again the German troops as they retreated could hear the screaming of the soviet forces chanting "Victory! Victory!"

    A small German squad retreating

    As the day comes to a close, Commander Nymet260 attempts to rally his troops "Tomorrow we take up arms and beat them back!" After pepping up the troops Nymet260 was uneasy if he could keep his promise and achieve victory for Germany in these dire times.
    Gears of WaAAR! : A German Industrial Deck AAR (A glimpse into a card game that once was the best ever card game iv played to date)

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    Good ideas! Keep up the good story!
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    @Delta107 Thanks

    Chapter 3 : Soviet Massive Attack

    At the dawn of the new day, the first fresh reserves from the fatherland have reached our positions along with additional crates of mines which were immediately deployed. As Nymet260 Preped his men for combat startling news came in over the radio... Zhukov was on the battlefield assisting Commander TVremote.

    Not long after the radio address more bad news as a messenger reached commander Nymet260. "They are coming sir!". Nymet260 simply nodded off "Lets hope our maze of mines slows them down enough"

    The first wave of Soviet troops saw no enemies so they proudly thought they easily won... that is till after a few men and tanks stepped on some nasty surprises.

    Soviet tank damaged by a mine

    As quickly as the attack began, it ended. The soviets spent the rest of the day searching and removing the German mines in the area, buying our forces much needed precious time to recuperate. The next day, more reinforcements make their way to the front lines as well as additional mines. Once again the Soviets prepared for another massive assault, to only face mines once again.

    It seems like the soviets don't like to read warning signs very much!

    By Day 8, finally the industry's at home managed to keep pace and bring us some real fire power, and not only that but Himmler of the SS allowed one of they elite divisions to fight side by side with our men! However they would not last long, just as they arrived what seemed like a suicidal Calvary attack overran the newly arrived SS unit and decimated them...

    The foolish but brave Soviet Calvary charges in what seemed like a suicidal attack

    Shortly after the Calvary charge the soviets moved up with another massive assault. "This is it boys! We die as he-" and before he could finish a radio officer chimes in. "Sir! The 3rd army! they are coming in around to defend our flank!" Shocked Nymet260 took his binoculars and looked far off into the distance.

    "My god..." Nymet260 sincerely said. "They are getting slaughtered...."

    "Who send those men to their deaths!" Nymet260 shouted at his command staff. "Who! They didn't have to die in a senseless attack!" Slowly an officer rises and clears his throat "Sir, it was by the orders of the Fuhrer himself im afraid" Commander Nymet260 was shocked and demanded why he didnt know about this order. An officer replied that while Nymet260 was on active duty on the battlefield the order came in and they immediately pressed it in. Commander Nymet260 cursed under his breath about the incident, but knew if he said anything against the Fuhrer he might lose everything he gained in life.

    The bloody day finally came to an end, unsure if they can hold out and survive any further bloodshed seems almost like a dream to Nymet260.

    Panzer Grenadier soldiers fleeing from a destroyed half-track
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    Please continue . It's very interesting .

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    Very interesting deck.

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    @Poppis/Meinkrieg, thank you and I shall.

    Chapter 4 : Tipping the Balance

    Before the days end, Nymet260 thought to himself before he entered his room, then he turned around to his soldiers and said "The 3rd army shall have not died in vain! Let us gather what we can and surprise them with flank attack!" The men with slightly lifted spirits acknowledged it and prepared to attack.

    The Soviet forces were almost completely unaware of the coming flank attack which was charging almost directly at the Soviet rear lines! most of their troops and tanks were completely caught off guard in surprise, lucky some resistance troops began to do guerrilla style attacks against our forces severely slowing us down.

    German Forces have captured several abandoned Zis-3 Guns.

    Finally with the days close, we have achieved a small victory... But was it enough to change the balance in our favor?

    By next morning our forces were being reinvigorated as we finally prepare to leave our defensive hold and bring the fight to the enemy whom was still recovering from our fatal rear flank assault from yesterday. When we finally began to approach the Soviet lines we noticed something strange... The lack of defenses... It didnt take Commander Nymet260 long to realize, this has to be a trap, lo and behold his presumptions were dead on right, just over a rolling hill an IS2 tank force commanded by Zhukov himself began to propel towards us while Machine gun fire bear down on our forces.

    A destroyed Wespe from our failed attack

    The damage was severe and once again we fell back to the safety of whats left of our mine field. Back at home Speer was in his office when a letter came in. It was from Commander Nymet260 and it read something to the effect of this "We need more material mass!" immediately Speer began to kick the home industry into high gear!

    Next morning as Commander Nymet260 awoken, he was almost immediately greeted by another general. "Uh... Not to be rude but who are you?" Nymet260 asked. The general replied "We are the newly formed 6th army! Speer has been working on your request got vigorously!" Nymet260 smiled.

    However his short talk with the general was short lived as the sirens pulsed with another Soviet attack on the way. "Battlestations men!" Nymet260 Screamed

    The attack hit our forces hard, but once again our minefield prevailed once more! With the enemy attack taken aback the 6th army general pipped in "The time for a counter attack is now commander!" Nymet260 nodded to him and the 6th army went off to hit the enemy hard. Once again however Zhukov was on the look out.

    Although we managed to hit the enemy hard, Zhukov was making our attacks very difficult and fairly miserable. However the 6th army did manage to break through the enemies heavy tanks, they are becoming weaker... the time to push for victory is not far off!

    Destroyed IS-2 Tank.The enemies firepower is faltering
    Gears of WaAAR! : A German Industrial Deck AAR (A glimpse into a card game that once was the best ever card game iv played to date)

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    That pinned zis. *sigh* Surprised you didn't include that wonderful little detail. Still, great job with the aar.

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    @Tvremote, well yea I did hint that it was a "surprise rear attack" and the picture shows that its pinned already in combat so nudge nudge wink wink?

    Status Report I

    While relaxing in his office, Nymet260 had his small moment of peace disturbed by a subordinate officer. "Um commander, HQ at home wants a status report on our progress sir!" with that said the officer left Nymet260's room. Sighing, he begins to type up his report.

    The initial borders between our forces and the enemies positions before all hell broke loose.

    The current territorial borders

    Axis Losses
    3rd Army : Wiped out
    1x SS-PG
    1x PG

    6th Army: Active duty
    1x Wespe

    Nymet260's Force : Active duty - Command force
    1x Wespe
    1x SS-PG
    5x Mines
    1x MG
    1x PG

    Soviet Losses
    1x Calvary
    1x Zis
    2x T-70
    1x IS-2
    1x MG
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    Chapter 5 : Operation Fall Westen

    The dawn of the new day begins as Nymet260 breathes in fresh air. He knows that today is the day we take the initiative back! As Nymet260 is accompanying 6th army's general an entire armored division rolls into camp! The division captain gives Nymet260 a note "The 8th Armor brigade is yours to command! ~Manstien; Courtesy of Albert Speer~ Excited he prepared for our first true offensive with the 8th armored division leading the way!

    The soviets tried to launch a defense but with our new armored division we broke through their defensive lines and destroyed their rear positions as their rebel partisan forces and tanks fled with their lives!

    German Soldier posing in front of captured 85mm gun

    The day ends in triumph for the axis forces! As night falls the 6th army general and Nymet260 began to draft plans for a major offensive tomorrow. The battle plan would be known simply as "Operation Fall Westen". The plan is to move out from the rear position we captured before and through the opening we have made today to encircle the Russian army on the western front, Once that is complete we can free up several soldiers for a massive counter attack on our eastern front to get our HQ position off the front lines! By morning a startling surprise, another note from Speer arrive as well as more armored units to help in our operation!

    Thanks to Speer on the home front we now have additional Tanks to help us in our operation once again. By early morning we begin our attack in force! First the 6th army reinvigorated with tanks begin their charge from the captured rear territory from before.

    The intial assault was slightly taken aback due to the Russians quickly deploying a rear reserve cache of Katyusha rocket launchers, they managed to stall out the inital assault long enough to give the enemy troops time to do an orderly retreat.

    Katyusha Rocket launchers sending a barrage of rockets at our position

    Not long after the first assault began the 2nd assault from the south by the 8th armored brigade attempts to push north.

    The enemy forces were sent reeling after a massacring defeat! Our forces easily pushed up north however the encirclment was not complete due to the stalling from the north, for today however, our forces are too exhausted to continue the operation. "This is taking to long!" Nymet260 clamored as he paced within his office. "We should of had thousands of Russian PoW's by now!" the 8th armored corp general just simply looked on. Nevertheless we have achieved a major breakthrough today.

    Soviet Troops begin to surrender by the droves
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    Chapter 6 : Counter-Offensive

    The morning air was crisp as tiger tanks began their drive to finish what they have started. Nymet260's first orders of the day was to close the pocket which was the job of the 6th army, the goal was to trap several divisions. Once that was completed the 8th armored brigade would then drive the Russian forces away from our HQ in a massive counter attack!

    "Sir, Sir, I-I Mean commander!" Nymet260 looks at his communications officer. "We have reports that Zhukov is holding out with his troops in the pocketed sector sir!" Nymet260 smiled "Excellent! We have him now!" almost simultaneously the 8th armored brigade began the push early morning.

    As our tigers roared into battle we met an enemy tank force, as a major tank battle erupts just outside our HQ! As the battle progressed the Russian lines almost collapsed into oblivion as many of their once proud IS-2 tanks were annihilated. Hundreds of enemy tank crews and troops began to surrender on the spot while others seemingly died in a vain effort. As the day ends we have not only encircled an entire enemy force in the north but have begun our push back against the soviets!

    German Soldiers taking cover behind destroyed Soviet tanks

    Next day, more and more tanks and troops pour in, in almost unimaginable numbers. "Speer has truly out done himself!" Nymet260 said in awe at the new tiger tanks rolling through his base.

    The plan for the day this time was to crush the pocket and continue our assault on the front lines. Once again the 6th army rolled in from the north to squash Zhukov like a bug! However Zhukov was not ready to surrender without a fight!

    Zhukovs forces barely managed to repel our attack but was taking heavy casualties.

    Our forces are in high moral as they storm Soviet positions

    As always, in concert the 8th armored brigade made one final push, and we did it! we broke through as our tank forces sweep in large numbers pushing the soviets far back!

    The soviets are now in a massive general retreat, Nymet260 believes it wont be long before Tvremote is signing the surrender terms!
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    Chapter 7 : Glory, Blood, and Steel

    Commander Nymet260 woke up early this morning, gazing off into the distance. eventually he turned to his officer and told him "The time to attack is now, give the orders to the army groups" the officer nodded his head and he was off. The first maneuver to be done with the 6th army, they began to close in on Zhukovs final defense positions as a fierce battle broke out between his untrained militia guerrilla fighters and our glorious veteran Werhmacht troops.

    "This is 6th army 2nd in command, We have Zhukov, I repeat we have captured Zhukov!" Nymet260 heard over the radio as he heard shouting and celebration on the other side of the line

    Zhukov signing the Surrender agreement. This is a Glorious day in the battle for Kursk!

    As Zhukov surrenders the 8th Armored brigade resumed its push towards Kursk on the main lines,. The enemy was still in full retreat and attempted to do delay tactics in order to buy time for a hopeless recouping of their forces.

    The Soviet army is beginning to fall back and take up positions within Kursk

    With the days end our troops have crossed vast swaths of territories in a single day, greatly not only pleasing Commander Nymet260 but as well as the Fuhrer himself once he heard news of Nymet260's successes. By next morning Nymet260 awaited for the 6th army and 8th armored brigade to join up as they waited just on the outskirts of the city, then he gave his final order "Take Kursk at all costs!" within moments of the order the entire force moved out towards final victory.

    The initial attack met with some resistance as soviet troops in vain attempted to shower our tanks with lead and bullets, but our Tiger tanks blew the enemy out of their defensive positions. Our panzer grenider forces simultaneously began storming the city with machine gun suppressive support, did not take long for our skilled troops to root out the enemy positions.

    As bravely as they tried, Soviet machine gun crews could not withstand the might of German firepower

    The Coup de grāce occurred when our forces began to surround and attack the city from all angles.

    By late afternoon that day, a general cease fire was called by Nymet260 after hearing a surrender call was heard from Tvremote who was within the city. The two general met, shook hands, and the terms of surrender was signed. At long last, Kursk has fallen to glorious Germany!

    Commander Nymet260 reviewing the surrender terms with Commander Tvremote looking on in disgust at his defeat

    With Kursk fallen, a garrison force begins to move in and occupy the city. Nymet260 was giving a medal for success in Kursk was was redeployed in the seamlessly never ending German-Soviet conflict. Tvremote was imprisoned till released by the end of the war. It is said while in imprisonment he wrote a lengthy autobiography known as "My struggle to kill Nymet260", it failed to become a best seller.

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    Final Report

    As the battle for Kursk has ended, Nymet260 sipped some coffee as he finished up his battle reports for the battle.

    Map of our counter offensive. As you can see our forces sucessfully encircled the enemy troops on the western side via Operation Fall Westen. They along with Zhukov would eventually be captured by battles end.

    A simple recording of our final maneuvers. As seen the Soviets were unable to mount their own counter offensive. This is due partly to their disorganized initial attacks early in the battle for Kursk.

    Axis Losses as starting from last report.
    8th Armored: Active duty
    1x PG
    1x Wespe
    1x Tiger

    6th Army: Active duty
    1x PG

    Nymet260's Force : Active duty - Command force

    Soviet Losses
    2x 85mm
    1x Katyusha Launchers
    1x Zis-3
    1x IS-2
    2x Engineer
    3x MG
    1x Zhukov
    2x Partisan


    Well thats all folks I hope you enjoyed this AAR and perhaps learned of an interesting deck design
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    Good job , Nymet260 .

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    Despite being a game I'll likely never buy...your presentation, nymet260, was very good and gave me a glimpse into this game I don't think I would have been able to see otherwise. Very well done

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