Dear CK2,

As I write this letter it is 2.30am in the morning, I have work wait my Therapist told me to stop referring to it as that - THIS MORNING! anyway i digress, its 2.30 in the morning and I am going to be useless at work again! I dont why i call it work because all I will do is read the Paradox forums for new stratagies on how to make king matey boy the Bold of Poland able to inherit Hungery through some sort of backwards marrying thingy (you will be pleased to know i managed to put this in place by the way) wait my therapist told me not to tell you that, its unimportant in regards to real life apparently.

Anyway the fact remains that I.......that I.......wait a minute my wife is shouting at me about some hair brained idea that she hasnt seen me for a week. be right back......

Right im back, just excommunicated the stupid woman and banished her from my realm. No wait a minute my therapist told me that isnt the real term. Thats right, i told her "cant you see im doing important stuff here, Iberia isnt going to unite itself, get out of my realm....erm games room" i go digressing again.

Anyway it all started when a dog game strolling through my back yeard. i went a bit mental, called him overpowered for exapnding all over the place.......god damn Mongols.......or i it Mongrels?

Anyway the point is CK2, I think my therapist thinks I may have a problem of some sort of wierd addiction to you (apparently me calling him chancelor isnt helping matters much), so my he has told me i should write you a peace offering....white peace seems good. here are my terms. I will stop playing you for the next week in order to get some kind normaility back in my life.

Just as soon as I have:

- Inherited Hungary
- Got rid of those pesky Pagans
- Found a way to break up the HRE
- Found a way to stop mega France in Iberia
- Made my count of ireland King
- Stopped Norman the mum and dad out of wedlock naughty named chappy, from taking over my homeland

Who am I kidding.......break truce, game on......who gives a damn about -25 relations with that stupid religion anyway.