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Thread: "Ultima Ratio" — Thursdays, 20:00 CET

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    How the heck did this whole world war over frikin lubeck even happen? I mean, cmon, its a 500 value CoT with 10 basetax or so, hardly worth the tens of thousands of ducats thsi war has to have cost.

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    the Lübeck Krantor decision was bound to the province, quite substantially increasing the value of it not only for the Hansa but for the free traders whom where trading in in hos CoTs

    seeing however as neither side was able to push home a peace we wont know if Lübeck and Slesvig would've remained the only requests upon a peace

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    Thanks for the campaign!

    My interest in EU3 has dwindled to an alltime low I will not participate in any new games anytime soon.

    So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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    Thanks to everyone who played in the campaign, I enjoyed it alot. Perhaps we'll be able to organize another at some point in the future with better ingredients for longevity. Until then!
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