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Thread: Hilarious story about the USS William D. Porter

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    There's an almost as absurd case in the Congressional Record of a Naval blimp going off course in the pre-war years. After a couple of wrong turns they decided to go to ground in the dark, a few miles from the lights of an unidentified city, and simply "ask" for directions. As the descended, they struck a powerline and the lights of that nearby city went out....

    A second attempt at landing encountered a tree, and after daylight, it became apparent that the tree had stayed with the blimp when it made its emergency dumping of ballast to break loose.

    It's a fairly pathetic case of nobody having any clue or backup plan about what to do in the event of a stray gust of wind blowing them off course. It does show how amazingly durable the things were, though. Supposedly, there were no cases of a convoy losing ships to U-boats while they were escorted by airships, so they were quite effective in an anti-submarine role.....in good weather.

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    Amazing story..i wasn't aware of it..i am pretty sure if FDR had been actualy killed by these accidents this ship would be the most decorated ever warship of ' the imperial japanese navy and kriegsmarine'... i am pretty sure even nowdays the ship woulsd be a museum just outside the Reichstag/Bundestag...LOL
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    Ok so now we need an "event" to simulate this

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    for all you people who found this uninteresting..well to bad! I enjoyed it myself, sounds like Roosevelt had a good time though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by szcott View Post
    Ok so now we need an "event" to simulate this
    "Morons attempt to kill the president: No effect"

    Amazing story btw!
    No, I only LOOK dead. Thank you for asking.

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    Next time I have ship that sinks a friendly ship (it happens), I'm re-naming it William D. Porter.

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