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Thread: You dont want my gold?

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    You dont want my gold?

    Why cant I pre order.. Its not like there is any chance that I will not order it...Its like blizzard, I dont care how its gona be, I KNOW its gona be great, So take my Money and give me my game when the time comes!
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    You can always give your gold to me, and I buy you a copy when the game comes out.

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    I think they'll only accept good old florentine gold ducates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy_Dandy View Post
    I think they'll only accept good old florentine gold ducates.
    I don't know much about the history of that particular currency, but what if I happen to have a couple of those? How many would the game be worth?

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    Considering this is not Crusader Kings, but Magna Mundi, I'm thinking I could trade a few glass trinkets, maybe a mirror, for 10 pounds of gold from the Aztecs, which should be more than enough to pay for MM

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