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Thread: The Chronicles of the Golden Cross Redux

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    I must offer up my appreciation for this AAR. Been absent from this board for a while, been lurking the past day or two(after buying CK2 upon finding out about it three days ago), and just stumbled upon your AAR today. Must say, amazing writing, really enjoying this. I hope to see how the KOJ fares, and I may just try and play as them in the future once I get accustomed to CK2

    I remember Saladin and Richard the Lionheart from a little game I played called Stronghold Crusader(I believe?), he most certainly was not merciful at all in that...

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    Oh no, anticipation. Philip of France breathed out over someone and the entire world died. Come on let us see the Crusaders crusade and Richard crush the forces of Saladin under foot.

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    This AAR convinced me to also buy CK2.

    @Kaioo, Yes, that is Stronghold Crusader, I still have it tough barely play it anymore. However it is a great game and when I decide to play it again it awesome, just as it was 5 years ago.
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    This is just brilliant! I really like your style, it's immersive but also moves along at a nice pace. And I expect the lessons I learn here about the game mechanics will save me from having to brave the tutorials when I eventually start playing CK2.

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    what's gonna happen. Waiting for the next update.

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    So this AAR is dead? What a pity.

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    I would hardly say it is dead, Kurospidey. AlexanderPrimus is one busy fellow these days, and sometimes real life has to take priority. He'll be back when he has time, and then the story will continue. We just need to be patient.
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    Indeed, thanks CK for stepping in there and clearing that up! This AAR is by no means dead -- I am just extremely busy.

    It's crunch time right now in graduate school. Why, just tonight I presented a paper at a history conference, and in a few days I'll be submitting a large corpus of finalized research.

    So, suffice it to say I haven't had any time for recreational writing this month. I'll provide some proper responses and new updates when I get more time.

    Summer is coming soon...

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    Ok, sorry for that. The reason I jumped to that conclusion is that I don't remember reading any message saying you were gonna be busy and couldn't update, so assumed you'd abandoned this great AAR. Glad I was wrong.

    Good luck with your studies!

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    Just wanted to give a quick reminder to everyone to vote in the AARland Choice Awards, which conclude tomorrow.

    They're an important forum institution and we should support them. By supporting the ACAs we are also supporting our favorite authors and rewarding them for their hard work.

    I've also noticed that several of you have very kindly voted for me. You have my thanks as always -- while I'm not actively campaigning this season, I appreciate the sentiment.

    I should also note that this is a combination History Book/Gameplay AAR, not a Narrative AAR, so if you're going to vote for me it should be in one of those two categories.

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    I just finished reading the AAR so far, and despite the clear mockery of some of the characters, I like it. All of that (except the assassins and the conquest of the Holy Order) seems believable, and the in-game explanations aren't problematic at all. I wonder what you will do once all those great people will be dead, which should happen soon enough. Still, this is interesting to read.

    However, being French (Quebecker), I didn't really like the way you treated Philippe Augustus. But this stupid trace of pride isn't so important.
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    Great stuff, AlexanderPrimus! The original "Chronicles" was one of my favorite CK AARs back in the day, so I'm glad you decided to follow it up with the redux for CK2.

    I like your choice to bring Richard to the Holy Land via marriage, a very interesting divergence from history. It certainly worked out well for you, and I can't help but feel that Richard would have preferred it to OTL as well.
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    Any chance on an update soon? The Holy Land needs to be defended from the infidels!


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    I hadn't been following this very closely, but after catching up I have to say that hopefully your summer is less busy than the end of the academic year.

    It's been a few pages since anyone commented on the style, but personally I really like the blend of narrative and gameplay. Weaving gameplay and narrative together makes a brilliant tapestry, if I may be forgiven for using textile metaphors. I also feel like I should watch Kingdom of Heaven now.

    Along with everyone else reading this, I'm sure, I eagerly await the next update and the account of the meeting of Barbarossa, the Lionheart, and Saladin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Borhild View Post
    I also feel like I should watch Kingdom of Heaven now.
    Yep, you really should. Just make sure you see the director's cut (the three hour long version), and there are good chances you'll be delighted.

    (By the way, I'm still eagerly waiting on this awesome AAR too, AP.)
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    Waiting too after catching up lol.

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    Love this aar I read the whole thing in one sitting do it took me hours but it was worth it I'd subscribe of I knew how to do it on a mobile device
    And perhaps you could poison a pastry in Saladins tent to one up the hashhashins

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    Just finished reading. Everything's been said already and more eloquently, so I'll just give you a kudos.

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