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Thread: What Crusader Kings 2 taught me

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    shiia caliphate byzantium and holy roman empire NEVER breaks up unless player interferes
    with me and my friend playing as king of hungary and duke of transylvania and wallachia we found us to be in the middle of 2 empires powerstruggle to convert all subjects to their religion and yet i see byzantium not collapsin, crusades not called agains "middle east" provinces and those that did get called no one participates and next pope calls it off due lack of commitment

    intresting to sit and watch while byzantium going EU style "pait dat violet on map" mode but since i cant get allied with eigther one couse both emperors "desire better alliance" --- my hungary seems destined to fall

    mby after whe get next 90years in game (1200) and dem horder appear to ravage all who stand before them byzantine will meet its match and/or shiia capliphate gets weakened enough to participate into SUCCESFULL crusade (travelling to spain in order to conquest land is getting way too hard and if we succes conquesting land there, i mean driving muslims away, we need to hire mercs to do civil duty and guarding provinces against rebel forces)
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    If you're lusty, you can sleep with your younger step-mother and father a bastard whom you can acknowledge as a member of you house since he's like, you know, 3/4 your House, which is 1/4 more than your other sons...

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    Giving my son and heir land will result in him marrying his cousin.

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    Basque people breed like rabbits
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    What about interrealm alliances?

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    Imprisoning your brother for nearly 50 years leads him to actually have a very positive opinion of you.

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    Slow, inbred homosexuals are perfectly acceptable as your representative to the Pope.
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    its possible to have a muslim pope......and still have crusades....

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirNiven View Post
    Tax payers don't mind you taking their money for a wedding even if the person being married is the son that will never accumulate to anything.
    Not even the second time he marries do we mind
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    The Kingdom of Wales is extremely expansive and powerful.

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    When imprisoning your pregnant wife, everyone will think you are magnanimous for letting the newborn out of the dungeon 9 months later.

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    That the HRE's son can marry a Greek princess, convert to Orthodoxy and then still win the HRE elections...begining the process of conversion.

    Also, given that after 80 years in game i have about 140ish living members of my dynasty encompassing just about all the world's most talented people....Eugenics work.
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    There's a rip in space-time in the Galilee that links to Ulster allowing the instant teleportation of a leader and most of his troops without many losses to return to Ireland at will.
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    Never trust your children from the moment they are born

    It's perfectly fine to sleep with your sons wife if you're king

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    -william the conqueror can't conquer anything

    -if the AI needs vassals help in a war, it actually thinks implementing high crown authority will win them over.

    -If you have a bastard child that is legitimized, your son, your son's wife, your son's son, and your wife will all try to kill him. On the other end, your bastard childs mother will try to have her husband killed ( you arranged it to get rid of her), your wife, and your son (not the bastard) killed. Just so she can be with you and her son can be future heir. All of this from one night of sexins.

    -Being independent is not always the best option.

    -Giving random nobodys land and title cause them to work very hard for you (event wise)

    -one last one related to the one up top. If you want to kill a vassal because you will inherit land and title, a good way to get a plot moving quickly is to marry your lover to him. He won't know, and she will want to kill him very very badly.

    These are just some that I have learned while playing, never played any CK before so if these seem obvious I'm sorry

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    Religious mentor can give a child homosexual trait.

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    That in the early 12th century, Norway conquered almost all of what today is known as Finland.
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    That sometimes you have to ask your 2 year old son for the hand of your niece.

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    Check if cousin, if not THEN make mistress.

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