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Thread: How to improve UN relations?

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    How to improve UN relations?

    I dont have much experience with this game since i have only played it a few hours, Im currently playing with Algeria and i decided to launch an attack on Tunisia, then my UN membership was removed. How can i get it back?

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    then my UN membership was removed. How can i get it back?
    You wont be able to get it back. You can improve relations and your subsidy rate by making treaties and alliances but once you lose UN membership you can never get it back.

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    If you want to keep your UN membership, reload a saved game previous to your attack. When you attack look at your casus belli rating. If
    it is near 100% you have now negative impacts on your UN rating. If your UN rating is nearly 100% you can dow any country with a massive
    hit on your rating, but without loosing your membership. Than wait some time, the UN rating raises slowly without making treaties. I play
    always without any allies and never make peace with a country, just conquer it. You will see what I meen if you once do this mistake.

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    welp diplomacy should have been more evolved... getting back/making new/making others join supranational organisations should exist...

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    The one thing that's always driven me crazy. I Getting kicked out, and never getting back in. One function that should have been a possibility.

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    To improve the relationships with UN you can increase the spending on Environment, Family Subsidies and Cultural Subsidies.

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