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Thread: The Kingdom of Heaven - A House of Bouillon AAR

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    Looking pretty good! I did my undergraduate capstone on Godfrey de Bouillon, so it's very good to see him finally in action in an AAR.

    Though somehow it doesn't surprise me that the old boy couldn't escape fate entirely and still managed to die young.

    But I will admit more than a little surprise that Baldwin didn't bring out the knives at the accession of the infant Péronelle and do a little bit of "tampering" with the succession...

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    Just to let you guys know, I had a little family emergency but will hopefully get to sit down and do some more soon, so don't worry there should be some more pronto!
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    Looking like a great AAR so far, I will very much be following this. Will be very interested to see how you get on. I tried playing as Jerusalem from 1099 myself and only made it until 1105 before giving up. Smashing the Shia into dust was one thing, but by the time they were finished my armies were severely depleted, and even my remaining Templars couldn't hold off half the Muslim world who swarmed me when Jihads were called against three of my counties at once I also had Godfrey dies in battle early on, leaving the kingdom in the hands of an infant daughter. Funny coincidence, eh?

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next chapter. KUTGW.

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    Actually it is not a request, If your friendly DM had not helped you out by deleting the comments I would have issued you infractions, When you comment on spam you help them by drawing attention to it, and cause more work for us since we now need to delete your posts as well.
    Not to mention the fact that it is spam since it is not on topic for the thread.
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    Internal struggle and a Regency? Simply the last thing Jerusalem needs when besieged on all sides! I suppose if things went smoothly for a change it wouldn't be nearly as interesting.
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