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Thread: Will there be "classic" maps/scenarios?

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    Will there be "classic" maps/scenarios?

    Random maps are a stable of the strategy genre, especially the 4X variety. I expect nothing less from a game of this style. That said, given the known geography of Ardania from the core Majesty games, is it safe to assume there might be a map or maps based on the original Ardanian landscape, similar to how Civilization games tend to include Earth-style maps?

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    A campaign would be a nice thing...

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    You mean the world map from Majesty Gold? Could be a neat touch. Though super continent would be close enough most of the time.

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    A recreation of the original Warlords map would be realy cool. Talk of "classic" in fantasy TBS games, nothing comes close to the map of Iluria.

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    For Warlock, set in Ardania? That seems.... strange.

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