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Thread: Crusader Kings II released today

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    Crusader Kings II released today

    They say blood is thicker than water. They obviously never lived in Medieval Europe!

    NEW YORK, February 14, 2012 – Valentines Day. A time for love. With the release today of Crusader Kings II from Paradox Interactive, you can also add betrayal, political intrigue, backstabbing and marrying for personal gain into cupids potent mix. Who said romance was dead?!

    Eight years after the much loved original, Crusader Kings II is the long awaited sequel to Crusader Kings, developed by the acclaimed team behind the Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron and Victoria series. A game of choice and a reflection of each player’s personal morality, how will you play this very personal game of Strategy? Rule with an iron fist oppressing your population through fear? Perhaps lead your kingdom through respect and benevolence, instilling loyalty in your subjects instead? Or maybe marry your way to power. These are the weighty decisions that await you in your quest for influence and territorial domination.

    Crusader Kings II explores one of the defining eras in world history, covering the volatile period of the 11th to 15th century, in an experience crafted by the masters of Grand Strategy. Medieval Europe is brought to life in this epic title rife with rich strategic and tactical depth.

    Crusader Kings II will be available via all major digital distribution platforms and selected retail at a suggested retail price of $ 39.99. Here is a complete list of all distributors: http://www.crusaderkings.com/buy

    To celebrate the release of Crusader Kings II, a brand new trailer can be viewed at:

    About Crusader Kings II
    Crusader Kings II is created by the development team behind the Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron series. In Crusader Kings II you must rule with an iron fist and win the hearts of your subjects through fear, or lead a nation through respect and loyalty—the choice is yours. Keep your alliances close, your blades sharp and your wits about you at all times - for you will need them. Sacking an army takes strength. Ruling an entire nation takes a true leader. Do you have what it takes to become a Crusader King?

    About Paradox Development Studio

    Paradox Development Studio has been a leading global developer of PC-based strategy games since 1995. The studio was one of the first to coin the term "Grand Strategy" and is the creative force behind succesful franchices like Svea Rike, Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, Victoria, Crusader Kings & Sengoku. Relatively small in size but with a reach spanning the entire globe, the Stockholm based studio aims to provide deep and challenging games with hours of gameplay to a continuously growing community of 350,000 + members.

    For more information, please join us on Twitter @PDX_Dev_Studio, Facebook ParadoxDevelopmentStudio and our forums http://forum.paradoxplaza.com

    Read more about the game

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Crusaderkings
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/Crusaderkings
    Forum: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/Crusader-Kings-II
    Website: http://www.crusaderkings.com/

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    Great game guys, when I think you guys cannot top your self's you make something like this

    Before paradox I could never find games that really were the type I wanted to spend hours playing

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    I hate Steam with all of my soul, and have always done.
    Is this the thanks of buying it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Menagin View Post
    I hate Steam with all of my soul, and have always done.
    Is this the thanks of buying it?
    Other topics are---> way. Just don't buy it from Steam and stop spamming random topics.

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    Love the voiceover.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Menagin View Post
    I hate Steam with all of my soul, and have always done.
    Is this the thanks of buying it?
    Yeah, please stop posting this in different threads.

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    Bravolisimo one of the better trailers I've seen. You guys have really outdone yourselves with this release I think. This isn't EU:Rome II by chance is it?

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    I guess this really is CKII
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    YAY! I have mine downloaded!

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    when should this be availible to DL in the UK? My preorder hasn't activated and when I click 'play now' on the store page nothing happens

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    Quote Originally Posted by DuddBudda View Post
    when should this be availible to DL in the UK? My preorder hasn't activated and when I click 'play now' on the store page nothing happens
    Steam or GG?

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    That would make one hell of an AAR!

    Of course, it sounds like this king already knows all about hell.
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    Epic trailer! As the true HOI fanboy I am though, I'm mostly wishing we could have a HOI game equally theatrical, polished and epic

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