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Thread: Canadian Content - Thank You!

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    Canadian Content - Thank You!


    My name is David. I'm a Product Director in the game industry by trade, but looong before I found myself in the game industry, I spent 10 years in the Canadian Navy. I read with interest that this title is going to support, finally, Canadian content in the form of inclusion of CPF's (Canadian Patrol Frigates).

    Although the majority of my service was on the Gatineau, Athabaskan, and Protecture, the HMCS Vancouver, which is one of the class, was a ship I served on briefly. So it will be interesting to see it in action in game form.

    You might also want to consider the Kingston class MCDV's as they're pretty standard fair Canadian coastal patrol. Also, Canada's new class of supply ships should be online by your game's target timeline as well.

    Again, it will be nice to play a game that realizes that the worlds Navys are not restricted to just the US and Russia.


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    Hi and welcome DavidWinter,

    Great to hear from you. From one country with a small navy to another, we definitely wanted this game to be about much more than the US-vs-Russia.

    We've completed the lineup for the game for now, as we approach launch rapidly, but there are always future content!

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    The real issue is that Coastal patrol ships are generally to undergunned to be used against real warships. Unless Canadian coast guard has missile carrying frigates.

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    They could make great naval bases

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xmasbeer View Post
    Unless Canadian coast guard has missile carrying frigates.
    They do not, the MCDV's he is referring to are under gunned and wouldn't have much of a part to play in the game. The only ship that would likely be worth including other than the CFP is the Canadian destroyers or the new
    SCSC. Perhaps the A/OPS given the theatre, but even then I don't believe that platform currently includes any missiles.

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    These would also likely be armed with missiles in the event of conflict. A much better choice than the Kingston class that is meant to drive into...errr, I mean "sweep" mines for the larger combat units.

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